Toyota logo - UG injection mold design case

Toyota logo - UG injection mold design case

Toyota logo - UG injection mold design case detail introduction
1. First pull the product first plastic injection molding, then use the "zoom body" command to shrink the product, the shrinkage rate is 1.005

2. Use the "Expand Face" command to create a parting surface, which is the largest contour section of the product

3. Use the “trim body” command to trim the parting surface and trim the boundary to select the maximum contour of the product

4. Use the “Create Block” command in the injection mold wizard to wrap the product and select the surface of the body. The gap is set to 30mm. 

5. The created block uses the "difference" command to compare the difference with the product, and then uses the "split body" command to split the block into front and back molds, and the tool option selects the face or plane. 

6. The result after splitting 

Second, the determination of the gating system
The pouring system consists of the main flow channel, the split flow channel, the cold material well and the gate. The choice of the type, quantity, size and position of the gate directly affects the quality of the product. The position of the gate can be analyzed by the mold flow analysis software. But in many cases, the location of the gate is determined by experience. We use the Toyota logo product as a case to analyze how this product enters the glue.

1. Determine the gate location
(1) Firstly, the appearance surface is not allowed to enter the glue, which affects the appearance of the product.

(2) The outer side of the rear mold is to be turned to the slider (green). The place where the slider is made cannot be glued. All the four positions are left.

2. Determine the gate type
(1) The choice of gate type is based on the characteristics of the plastic.

(2) The type of gate is preferred to the automatic water cut-off. The type of glue that can be automatically cut off is the fine water point into the glue, the diving into the glue, the horn diving into the glue, the hot runner point into the glue, etc. Mode, high cost is not considered, hot runner point into the glue cost is higher, so we consider the use of diving into the glue, the plastic material of this product is ABS, check the table to know that ABS material is suitable for all types of gates. Observe the position of 4 glues, and select the position of the bones.

3. Determine the number of gates
(1) The size of this product is: 62.81X62.81X24.99mm, which belongs to small products. Under normal circumstances, products with less than 120mm can be glued into one rubber.

4. Determination of product ranking
(1) There are 4 sliders on the outside of this product, which can not discharge many holes. The best way to arrange is 1 out 2, the mold blank can use two plate molds, and the flow channel is well designed.

Third, the determination of the size of the plastic mold
The size of the mold kernel is related to the size of the product, the shape of the product, the number of cavities and the ranking. Generally, the larger the product size, the more the number of cavities, the larger the size of the mold core and the mold frame to be used. The longer the time, the higher the price. We use Toyota logo products as an example to explain how to determine the size of the mold.
1. Confirm the size of the mold 

2. Determination of A value
The value of A is the distance between the two products. There is a flow path in the middle. The way of feeding and the way of aligning have been confirmed. See the sticker on the design of the casting system for the Toyota logo injection mold design. The slider core is drawn. The determination of the A value cannot be based on the empirical value of the table. The slider must be drawn first to prevent the distance of the A value from being too small. The slider will fight, as shown in the following figure. More, the A value is 75-80mm is enough

3. C value and D worthy of determination
Under normal circumstances, C value = D value, the size of this product is 62.81X62.81X24.99, L value is in the range of 0-80, check the experience value to take 25-30mm to confirm the length and width of the mold can be determined In general, the length and width of the mold core are taken as multiples of 10.

4. Determination of the thickness of the front mold core
To determine the thickness of the front mold, you must first measure the H value, then determine the E value, after measuring the H value (glue depth) = 7.6mm, the product L is in the range of 0-80mm, and is a large value, check the experience table The E value can be selected from 25-30mm, and the thickness of the mold core is generally taken as a multipl

This is Toyota logo - UG injection mold design case detail introduction

Toyota logo - UG injection mold design case

Toyota logo - UG injection mold design case1

Toyota logo - UG injection mold design case3

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