Medical Product Mold

Medical Product Mold

Medical Product Mold

Mold Making refers to the processing of forming and blanking tools, in addition to shearing and die cutting molds. Usually, the mold has two parts, an upper mold and a lower mold. Small to electronic connectors, up to the dashboard of the car can be molded with a mold.


Medical Product Mold

Classification of Injection Molds

(1) Injection Mold for Single Parting Surface

(2) Injection Mold with Double Parting Surface

Double parting surface injection mold has two parting surfaces.  When opening a single cavity or multi-cavity injection mould for point gate feeding, the middle plate is separated from the fixed template at a fixed distance on the guide post of the fixed mould, so that the pouring system condensate can be removed between the two templates. The injection mould with double parting surface has complex structure, high manufacturing cost and difficult parts processing. It is generally not used for the forming of large or super large plastic products.

(3) Injection Mold with Lateral Parting and Core Pulling Mechanism

When there are side holes or side concaves in the plastic parts, the core or slider which can move laterally should be used to form the parts. 

(4) Injection Mold with Movable Parts

(5) Injection Mold with Automatic Thread Removal

For plastic parts with threads, when automatic demoulding is required, threaded cores or rings that can rotate can be set on the mould, and threaded cores or rings can be driven to rotate by the opening action or rotating mechanism of injection moulding machine, or special transmission device, so that the plastic parts can be removed.

(6) Non-runner Injection Mold

Non-runner injection mold is a method of adiabatic heating of the runner, which keeps the plastic between the nozzle and the cavity of the injection machine in a melting state, so that there is no pouring system condensate when the parts are removed from the open mold. The former is called adiabatic runner injection mould, while the latter is called hot runner injection mould.

(7) Right Angle Injection Mold

Right-angle injection moulds are only suitable for angle injection moulding machines. Unlike other injection moulds, the direction of feeding is perpendicular to that of opening and closing moulds.  In order to prevent the wear and deformation of the nozzle and the inlet of the main channel, replaceable runner inserts can be set at the end of the main channel.

(8) Injection Mold of Demoulding Mechanism on Fixed Mold

In most injection moulds, the demoulding device is installed on the side of the moving mould, which is conducive to the ejection device in the opening and closing system of the injection moulding machine. In actual production, due to the shape limitation of some plastic parts, it is better to leave the plastic parts on the side of the fixed mould for forming. In order to make the plastic parts come out of the mould, it is necessary to set a demoulding mechanism on the side of the fixed mould.




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Medical Product Mold 
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