Plastic Injection Mold

Plastic Injection Mold

Plastic Injection Mold

plastic injection mold

Injection Molding               

Injection moulding is suitable for mass production and moulding of complex products.
At a certain temperature, the fully melted plastic material is stirred by screw, injected into the die cavity by high pressure, and then cooled and cured to obtain the method of forming products. This method is suitable for batch production of complex parts and is one of the important processing methods.                                                      


Plastic Injection Mold

The injection molding process can be roughly divided into the following six stages:
Mold closing, spraying, holding pressure, cooling, opening and product removal.
If the above process is repeated, the products can be produced periodically in batches. The mould is heated. After the injection of materials, the mould needs to be cured or vulcanized, and then the film is removed while the heat is running.
Nowadays, the trend of processing technology is developing towards high and new technology. 

The fluidity of various plastics also varies with the forming factors. The main influencing factors are as follows:

Temperature: The fluidity of polystyrene (especially impact-resistant HIPS), polypropylene, nylon, plexiglass, modified polystyrene (such as ABS, AS), polycarbonate and other plastics varies greatly with temperature. For polyethylene and polyformaldehyde, the influence of temperature on their fluidity is small. Therefore, the former should adjust the temperature to control the fluidity when forming.

(2) Pressure:Especially polyethylene and polyformaldehyde are more sensitive, so the injection pressure should be adjusted to control the fluidity.

(3) Mould structure: the form, size, layout, cooling system design, melt flow resistance (e.g. surface finish, material cross-section thickness, cavity shape, exhaust system) and other factors directly affect the actual fluidity of molten material in the cavity. The fluidity of molten material decreases when the temperature of molten material is reduced and the flow resistance is increased.

The filling conditions can also be adjusted appropriately by controlling material temperature, mold temperature, injection pressure and injection speed to meet the forming requirements.


Plastic Injection Mold

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