Plastic mold industry informationization has become the trend of the times

Plastic mold industry informationization has become the trend of the times

New trends in plastic mold and injection molding development

In the four elements of quality, delivery, price and service of the mold, more and more users have placed the delivery cycle in the first place. It has become a trend to require mold companies to deliver as soon as possible. It is an effective means for enterprises to improve their adaptability, improve the technical level, improve the equipment level, improve the management level and improve the efficiency.

Vigorously improve the development capability, push the development work forward as much as possible, until it is involved in the product development of the mold users, and even develop before the explicit user object, and become passive. At present, this method has been widely used in many industries, such as televisions and display cases, auto parts and the like. The development of mobile phone and telephone molds has also begun. This kind of practice breaks the passive situation that the mold factory can only design the mold according to the user's requirements after waiting for the contract.

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With the improvement of the design and processing level of mold enterprises, the manufacture of molds has changed from relying on the skills of the fitter to relying mainly on technology. This is not only a change in production means, but also a change in production methods and an increase in ideas. This trend has led to the continuous improvement of the standardization of the mold, the higher and higher precision of the mold, the shorter and shorter production cycle, and the lower and lower proportion of the fitter, which has finally promoted the overall improvement of the overall level of the mold industry. China's mold industry has a number of happy enterprises representing the country, about 200 provincial and municipal high-tech enterprises. In line with this trend, it is inevitable that the main backbone of production molds will gradually change from skilled talents to technical talents. Of course, at present and for a long time, skilled talents are still very important, because it is difficult for molds to completely get rid of the reliance on skills.

Mold enterprises and their mold production are developing rapidly towards information technology. A modern mold company with a high level is just not enough for CAD/CAM applications. Most enterprises have adopted technologies such as CAE and CAT and more advanced technologies, such as virtual network technology, which are all manifestations of informationization. The trend towards the development of information technology has become an industry consensus.
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Summary: Not only the plastics industry needs to introduce new products, including, electronic and electrical waste disposal, solid waste recycling, scrap car recycling, waste paper recycling and other industries need to improve their independent innovation capabilities. It is not enough to improve the internal power of light itself. We must persist in using development methods to solve problems in the process of advancement, transform new development methods, In order to develop faster in the information society, we must start a new drive to accelerate the steady development of the industry.

This is plastic mold industry informationization has become the trend of the time.if you want to know more plastic injection mold,please contact me.

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