Plastic mold parting surface design should pay attention to what?

plastic mold parting surface design should pay attention to what?

The so-called parting surface is to open the mold to take out the surface of the product. The selection of the parting surface is also the first step in the design of the mold. It is affected by many factors such as the shape, appearance, wall thickness, dimensional accuracy and modulus of the product. Whether the selection of the parting surface of the plastic mold is related to the service life of the plastic mold, the structure of the plastic mold, and the mold of the plastic product can be said to be a very important process. Then let's take a look at the well-known mold company Kayou Mold in the industry. Based on which part of the plastic mold is selected?

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(1) It is beneficial to the processing and production of mold inserts, inner molds or other molded parts of plastic products. Conducive to plastic mold matching.

(2) The plastic mold parting surface should be as simple as possible, and there should not be too many jump levels. Too many jump levels, not only the processing of injection mold parts is difficult, but also the difficulty of clamping.

(3) It is beneficial to ensure the surface quality of plastic products, or to eliminate the plastic products in the injection molding process. For example, different parting surfaces may cause the gaps of the injection molded products and the position of the bonding wires, especially some electronic plastic molds with high assembly requirements.

(4) Kayou plastic mold manufacturer technical team simplified the mold structure. In many cases, different parting surfaces may cause a large change in the mold structure. Therefore, when selecting the plastic mold parting surface, we should meet the requirements of the product, and choose the parting surface of the optimized mold structure as the choice.

(5) It is conducive to the release of plastic products. This is a basic requirement. If the plastic mold parting surface is unreasonably selected, it may cause the plastic products to buckle down, which may result in the failure of the mold.

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The above is an analysis of the plastic mold parting surface design that should be paid attention to by everyone. In general, when selecting the plastic mold parting surface, the customer comprehensive aspects of various factors to determine the plastic mold points. Profiles to ensure that the interests of customers are prioritized as a top priority.

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