plastic mold design the future development trend

plastic mold design the future development trend

Plastic products from design to molding production is a very complicated process, including plastic product design, mold structure design, mold processing and molding production and other major aspects, it requires product designers, mold designers, mold processing technology The master and the skilled operator work together to accomplish it. It is a process of designing, modifying, redesigning iterations and continually optimizing. Traditional manual design and manufacturing have become increasingly difficult to meet the needs of fierce competition in the market. The use of computer technology is replacing traditional manual design methods in various aspects and has achieved significant economic benefits.

plastic mold design

Plastic mold CAD integration technology is an advanced mold manufacturing technology. Its manufacturing includes plastic product design, mold design and analysis, mold CNC machining, polishing and testing, and rapid prototyping. The CAD unit technology involved includes rapid reversal of product shape, structural analysis and optimization design, auxiliary manufacturing, virtual simulation of machining process, rapid prototyping of products and molds, auxiliary process and product data management technology. The plastic mold CAD integration technology integrates the various unit technologies involved in the manufacturing process of the plastic mold, unifies the database and file transfer format, realizes information integration and data resource sharing, thereby greatly shortening the manufacturing cycle of the mold design and improving the system. Modulus quality.

Second, plastic products and mold structure design

The first step in the design and manufacture of plastic molds is the design of plastic products. The modern design method is that the designer directly builds a three-dimensional model of the product on the computer, designs and optimizes the mold structure according to the three-dimensional model of the product, and then designs the three-dimensional model according to the mold structure for programming and programming. Commercialized 3D CAD modeling software such as Pro / Engineer, UG, CATIA, etc. provides designers with a convenient design platform. Its powerful surface modeling and editing and modification functions as well as realistic display effects enable designers to express themselves freely. The design intent, truly do what you want, and the quality and volume of the product are calculated and saved together, laying a good foundation for subsequent mold design and analysis. At the same time, these softwares have special injection mold design modules, which provide convenient mold parting surface definition tools, which can automatically generate complex molded parts, and the standard mold base library, typical structure and standard parts library are complete, and the call is simple. Easy to add, these features greatly shorten the mold design time. This method enables product model, mold structure, machining programming and process design to be based on 3D data and realize data sharing, which not only can quickly improve design efficiency, but also ensure quality and reduce cost. At the same time, the mold opening and closing mold motion simulation function is also provided, thus ensuring the rationality of the mold structure design.

plastic mold design

Third, the design and analysis of the mold

CAD design and analysis of the mold, including the design of the mold parting surface according to the product model, determine the cavity and core, the detailed design of the mold structure, the analysis of the plastic filling process and so on. Using advanced feature modeling software, such as PRO-E and UG, it is easy to determine the parting surface, generate the upper and lower mold cavity and core, and then arrange the runner, gate and cooling water pipe.

At the stage of plastic mold design and analysis, many new computer-aided technologies, such as parametric technology, feature modeling technology and database technology, have been applied. There are many standard parts in plastic molds, such as standard mold base, ejection mechanism, pouring system and cooling system, etc. You can design or build a standard parts library based on the parameterized feature design method based on database management, so that data can be realized. Sharing, can meet the user's modification of the design at any time, so that the design analysis of the mold is fast, accurate and efficient. Parametric feature modeling not only can completely describe the geometric information of the product, but also obtain the information of product precision, material and assembly. The product model is a model that is easy to process and reflects the design intent and processing characteristics. Therefore, parametric feature modeling technology is one of the most important technologies in the mold manufacturing process.

plastic mold design

At present, the design and manufacture of plastic molds are generally combined with CAD or CAM software of general machinery and special plastic mold CAE software.

These are plastic mold design the future development trend.

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