Kayou Plastic Mould Company held 2019 Qic Mould Company held 2019 Quality Work Conference

Kayou Plastic Mould Company held 2019 Qic Mould Company held 2019 Quality Work Conference

On the afternoon of May 25th, Kayou Plastic Mould Company held the 2019 Quality Work Conference at the Zhiyuan Room of Dongling College. The participants in the conference included more than 130 people including Kayou Plastic Mould Company's department heads, workshop team leaders, and mold-related designers.

At the meeting, Mr. Zhao, the quality control department manager of Kayou Plastic Mould Company, summarized the quality work of various departments of the company in 2018. He used the chart to analyze the raw material inspection of Kayou Plastic Mould Company, the processing and testing of each process of the mold, and the passing rate of the outward mold processing. He pointed out that in 2018, the quality work of Kayou Plastic Mould Company has made significant progress, which depends on the improvement of employees' skill level, the enhancement of quality awareness, and the strict control of the production process, and it is inseparable from the guidance of the General Manager. The quality control structure has been improved, the testing equipment has been improved, the inspection of each link has become standardized, and the entire mold processing has been effectively controlled. He analyzed the relevant cases, pointed out the shortcomings in the work, and proposed the 2019 quality assessment requirements.

Kayou Plastic Mold Co., Ltd. commended five excellent teams including the Provincial Module of Mould Factory and the Machining Group of No. 2 Die Factory. Zhang Bin of the first mold factory, Wang Yi of the second mold factory, and Xiao Yi of the mold repair factory received excellent personal recognition. They have outstanding performance in quality work in 2018.

Mr. Li, the head of the quality management department of Kayou Plastic Mould Co., Ltd., led all the quality control personnel of the company to pledge and promised to adhere to the principle of quality first, ensure strict control, and output the highest quality products for the company. Their oath shocked the entire venue, demonstrating their determination.

Kayou Plastic Mould Company

Kevin, general manager of Kayou Plastic Mould Co., affirmed the unremitting efforts of various departments of the company. He stressed: "Quality is the basis of the survival of the company. As a service unit, the quality requirements of the first-level production unit are our goal, we have no excuse." He also explained the importance of quality from multiple dimensions. Point out the relationship between quality and production management, and production cost, and require each department to formulate a specific work plan based on the 2019 quality target.

Kayou Plastic Mould Company

Kayou Plastic Mould Company  integrates R&D, design and production of plastic mold manufacturing enterprises. Accumulated decades of manufacturing experience in the industry and achieved extraordinary results. Both in terms of product type and processing technology, we have achieved remarkable results. The product range covers hardware, electronic appliances, automobiles, stationery, cosmetics and other industries, covering many countries and regions, and enjoys a certain reputation in the industry. The company's colleagues seek development with Xinyi, survive with quality, and make all-round planning in management and technology. We hope to provide a meticulous care for our valued customers and completely eliminate the worries of customers in the mold.

Kayou Plastic Mould Company
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