plastic mold manufacturing use Cimatron software automates system design automation in the advantage

plastic mold manufacturing use Cimatron software automates system design automation in the advantages 

Cimatron's mold design module provides customers with a comprehensive mold design expert system, which greatly shortens the mold manufacturing cycle and has a high reputation in the global plastic mold manufacturing industry.

The ejector system is an important part of plastic mold manufacturing. The design cycle of the ejector system directly affects the manufacturing cycle of the mold. In the mold design, it is always in the form of a sub-assembly for the convenience of management. Its design mainly includes ejector push plate, fixed plate, ejector selection, ejector cut, ejector grooving design. Here is how Cimatron software is introduced. Automatically design the ejector system of the mold.

1, automatically generate the ejector system subassembly
After considering the overall layout of the mold, the designer can directly load the required mold base. The loaded mold base includes the moving plate system, the fixed plate system and the ejection system, and the ejector system includes the ejector fixing plate. The connecting parts such as the push plate and the required screws are loaded into the LKM standard type ejector system.

plastic mold
2. Automatically determine the position of the ejector in the ejector direction
When the Add ejector command is selected, the system will sketch the contact point between the fixed plate and the push plate by default to determine the position of the ejector in the X and Y directions. After exiting the sketch, the ejector will automatically be ejected. The correct position, that is, no need to artificially adjust the position of the ejector in the Z direction

3, automatically select the appropriate length of the ejector from the standard parts library
After selecting a diameter ejector rod, the system will automatically select the ejector rod of the appropriate length according to the height and shortness of the convex model surface. It does not need to artificially calculate the ejector length, and can quickly provide the ejector size for the planning department. Forms for accounting and early purchase, which is very effective for mold design with a large number of ejector pins. Automatically select the window setting for the ejector length. You need to check the “Use Placement Rule” and “Auto Select Size” options.


4, automatically cut the length of the ejector
After placing a suitable length of ejector in the mold, the top of the ram is further cut. The Cimatron software provides automatic forming and automatic flat cutting according to the shop's handling of the top of the ejector. The ejector is automatically cut according to the working surface of the core. The result of the cutting is that the top shape of the ejector is the same as the shape of the core, and the flat cutting is to cut the top of the ejector flat according to the highest point or the lowest point of the core surface.


plastic mold
5, automatically cut the top hole of the shop process
After the ejector specifications and position are determined, it is necessary to cut the holes in the parts through which the ejector passes (such as the ejector fixing plate, the stencil, the core, etc.). In order for the ejector to perform the "responsibility" correctly. Cimatron software can automatically cut out the shop-specific holes on all parts that the ejector passes through with a grooving command icon.

Fig. 6 is a dialog box popped up when the system automatically cuts out the jack hole. The specific cutting result is: except that the stepped hole shown in Fig. 6 is cut out on the core, and the remaining parts are cut off with a clearance fit. Hole. Figure 7 is a cross-sectional view of the stepped hole cut in the core.

Holes with clearances only need to be drilled in the workshop. The drilling procedure can be easily programmed using the fast drilling function of Cimatron software, and the hole with the guiding effect cut through the core is usually drilled. Reaming, piercing or wire cutting for processing, the process requirements are strict.

Where: L Fit: the effective sliding length of the ejector in the core;
Max L clearance : Maximum clearance fit length for the ram and core
Min L clearance: Minimum clearance fit length value for the ram and core
D clearance: the clearance of the fit

6, automatically generate the ram of the BOM
 Depending on the production needs, the ejector can be assembled with the BOM or a separate BOM. Either way, Cimatron software can be automated.

The BOM is very useful in the workshop. The purchasing department can order the ejector through this form, and the assembly shop workers can go to the warehouse to pick up the ejector.

plastic mold

From the above introduction, it can be seen that the automation degree is quite high from the initial selection of the ejector to the generation of the ram BOM. The ejector design function of Cimatron software together with other plastic mold design functions greatly improves the design speed of the mold. Thanks to the customer's praise, Cimatron software mold customers have been greatly improved in the last two years, I believe that Cimatron software mold design will bring greater benefits to customers.

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