Plastic mold wall thickness reduction problem

Plastic mold wall thickness reduction problem

Today I will introduce the problem of wall thickness in the design to avoid various miniatures on the surface of the product.

Plastic molding process and design have important requirements for the wall thickness of plastic parts. When the wall thickness of the plastic part is too small, it is easy to break at the thin wall thickness when the injection molding is performed, and more severely, various unsatisfactory products are produced. The resulting product has a gap and the strength of the plastic part is also very poor.

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If the wall thickness of the plastic part is too large, not only the cost of the injection molding material will be increased due to the excessive use of the material, but also the molding process will bring certain difficulties. Therefore, it is important to reduce the wall thickness appropriately.

In the case of ensuring the wall thickness of the plastic parts, the wall thickness should be made as uniform as possible. Otherwise, uneven shrinkage is likely to occur during the molding cooling process, which not only causes bubbles, depressions and warpage, but also has a large inside of the plastic parts. Internal stress. Affect the beauty of the product.

When designing plastic parts, it is required that the wall thickness and the thin-wall boundary should be over-rounded as much as possible to reduce various external stresses. Therefore, when designing, we try to ensure that the wall thickness of the product is between 1.5-3mm, and the wall thickness should be as uniform as possible. Different wall thicknesses are the easiest to produce miniatures.

In some cases, the microcosm can not be avoided, so the pressure of the injection molding machine will be very high when the injection is made. In this case, various flash edges are easily generated around the product. The ejector pin is easily broken due to pressure. When the mold is designed, the thickness of the template must be sufficient, otherwise it is easy to "bounce the mold". If it is a mold for cutting corners, it is not easy to mold a good product at this time. Because the pressure of mold injection is very large, the mold does not have enough force to block, resulting in various flash edges, slowing down the speed of product injection. It also causes some trouble for the trimmer of the product.

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