Mold industry acceptance criteria

Mold industry acceptance criteria

In the mold manufacturing industry, there are relevant acceptance criteria, and today we introduce the acceptance criteria for injection molds:

First, the pouring system

1. The gate setting should not affect the appearance of the product and meet the product assembly.

2. The cross-section and length of the runner should be designed reasonably. The process should be shortened as much as possible to ensure the forming quality, and the cross-sectional area should be reduced to shorten the filling and cooling time. At the same time, the plastics lost in the casting system should be the least.

3. The partial section of the three-plate mold runner on the back of the front template shall be trapezoidal or semi-circular.

4. The gates and runners should be machined according to the size requirements of the drawings, and manual grinders are not allowed to be processed.

5. The splitter on the parting surface should be round and the front and rear modes should not be misaligned.

6. The latent gate on the ejector pin should have no surface shrinkage.

7. The material is easy to remove, the appearance of the product has no trace of the gate, and there is no residual material in the assembly of the product.


Second, the molding part, the parting surface, the exhaust groove

1. There should be no defects such as unevenness, pits, rust and other appearances on the front and back mold surfaces.

2. The depth of the venting groove should be less than the overflow value of the plastic.

3. The insert should be in place, placed smoothly and reliably positioned.

4. The inserts should be positioned and fixed, the round pieces should be stopped, and the copper pieces and iron pieces should not be placed under the inserts.

5. There are no defects such as undercut and chamfer in the front and rear molded parts.

6. Multi-cavity Sinon mold products, the left and right parts are symmetrical, should be marked L or R.

7. Each touch surface, insert surface, and parting surface should be in place.

8. For products with the required appearance, the screws on the product shall be protected against shrinkage.

9. The wall thickness of the product should be uniform and the deviation should be controlled below ±0.15 mm.

10. The width of the ribs should be less than 60% of the wall thickness of the exterior.


Third, the injection molding production process

1. The mold should have the stability of injection molding production and the repeatability of process parameter adjustment within the normal injection molding process conditions.

2. The holding pressure during mold injection production should generally be less than 85% of the actual maximum injection pressure.

3. Moulds with inserts are easy to install and secure for inserts during production.

Fourth, packaging, transportation

1. The injection mold cavity should be cleaned and sprayed with anti-rust oil.

2. The sliding parts should be lubricated.

3. Spare parts for spare parts should be complete with a list and supplier name

4. The mold should be moisture-proof, waterproof, and bump-proof packaging, as required by the customer.

5. Mold product drawings, structural drawings, cooling heating system drawings, hot runner drawings, spare parts and mold material supplier details, instructions for use, test mode report, factory inspection certificate, electronic documents should be complete and with the mold Ship to the customer.


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