Injection Mold. Causes and analysis of gas generated by injection mold

Causes and analysis of gas generated by injection mold

The reason why the mold generates gas when manufacturing the product

1 In the feeding system, the material entrains the gas or the air originally exists in the cavity. During the forming process, the gas in the flow channel and the cavity is not discharged in time.

2 The resin is insufficiently dried, contains water, and evaporates at the injection temperature to become water vapor.(injection mold)

3 The injection temperature is higher, and the plastic decomposes to generate gas.

4 Some additives in the resin, volatilization or chemical reaction to form a gas (for example, when the thermosetting plastic is formed, not only the plastic itself contains moisture and volatile components, but also undergoes a polycondensation reaction during the curing process to produce a condensation water and a low molecular volatile gas).

5 residual gas in the resin.

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The consequences of poor mold exhaust

1 The gas undergoes large compression to generate a back pressure, and this back pressure increases the resistance of the molten material to the mold filling flow, prevents the molten plastic from filling normally and rapidly, and the mold cavity cannot be filled, resulting in unclear edges of the plastic.

2 The visible visible flow marks and fusion joints on the product show that the mechanical properties of the parts are degraded.

3 After the gas is compressed, it will infiltrate into the inner layer of the plastic, causing the surface quality defects such as silver streaks, pores, looseness of the structure, and peeling of the plastic.

4 After the gas in the cavity is compressed, heat is generated to increase the local temperature of the plastic, and the plastic melt decomposes and discolors, and even burns carbonization.

5 poor exhaust, reduce the filling speed, increase the cycle of part forming (especially high-speed injection molding), seriously affecting productivity.

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