Mold. What is the role of the mold sparking?

What is the role of the mold sparking?

Six points of action:

High-speed milling not only has high processing speed, good processing precision and surface quality, but also has low temperature rise (the workpiece is only increased by 3 °C) compared with the traditional cutting process, and the thermal deformation is small, so it is suitable for temperature and thermal deformation. Processing of sensitive materials (such as magnesium alloys); also due to the small cutting force, can be applied to the processing of parts with thin walls and poor rigidity; reasonable selection of tools and cutting amount can achieve a series of advantages such as processing of hard materials (HRC60).

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Second, EDM milling and "green" product technology

From the point of view of foreign electric machining machines, the performance, process index, intelligence, and automation have reached a very high level.  

Recently, Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan has introduced new progress in the EDSCAN8E EDM machine. This machine can automatically compensate for electrode loss.  

While advances in EDM technology, EDM's security and protection technologies are receiving increasing attention. Many electric machine tools have considered safety protection technology. At present, the European Union has stipulated that machine tools without the “CE” mark cannot enter the European Community market, and the international market is paying more and more attention to the requirements of safety protection technology.

At present, the main problem of EDM machine tools is radiation harassment, because it has a great impact on safety and environmental protection.

Third, the new generation of mold CAD / CAM software technology

The new generation of mold software should be based on a large amount of knowledge summarized from the mold design practice. This knowledge has been systematically and scientifically organized and stored in a specific form in the engineering knowledge base and can be easily called by the mold.

The new generation of mold software designs the mold structure with three-dimensional thought and intuitive feeling.   Measuring the level of software integration depends not only on whether the functional modules are complete, but also whether these functional modules share the same data model, whether a global dynamic database is formed in a unified manner, and comprehensive management and sharing of information is realized to support mold design. The entire process of manufacturing, assembly, inspection, testing and commissioning.

It is necessary to screen multiple plans, evaluate the rationality and economy of the mold design process, and provide modification basis for mold designers.

Fourth, advanced rapid mold manufacturing technology

1.Tsinghua University first introduced the SLA250 (stereolithography or laser-cured laser curing) equipment and technology of 3D Company of the United States and carried out research and development. After several years of efforts, it has improved and improved the M-RPMS-type. Functional rapid prototyping system" (with layered entity manufacturing - SSM, melt extrusion molding - MEM), this is the only system in China with two rapid prototyping processes (national patent) with good intellectual property rights, with good performance. Price ratio.

2.The moldless multi-point forming system is based on CAD/CAM/CAT technology, which is fast and economical. Realize the automatic forming of 3D curved surfaces. Jilin University of Technology has undertaken the national key scientific and technological research project on moldless forming, and has independently designed and manufactured the moldless multi-point forming equipment with international leading level.Compared with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States, the University of Tokyo in Japan, and the Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan, this technology is in a leading position in theoretical research and practical applications, and is currently developing for application.

3.FAW Mould Manufacturing Co., Ltd. designed and manufactured 12 sets of resin molds for the modification of the new Xiaohongqi sedan. These 12 sets of molds are the drawing molds for large and complex internal and external coverings such as luggage, hood, front, rear, left and right fenders. The dimensional accuracy of the mold is high, the manufacturing cycle can be shortened by one-half to two-thirds, and the manufacturing cost can be saved by about 10 million yuan (12 sets of molds). It has opened up a new way for China's car trial production and small batch production, which is the first in China. Experts from the Swiss Ciba Specialization believe that it can reach the international level in the 1990s.

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Fifth, On-site mold inspection technology

The development of precision molds is increasingly demanding measurement. Precision CMMs have long been limited by the environment and are rarely used in production sites. The new generation of three-coordinate measuring machine basically has temperature compensation and anti-vibration materials to improve dustproof measures, improve environmental adaptability and reliability, so that it can be easily installed in the workshop to achieve on-site measurement.

Six, mirror polished mold surface engineering technology

Mold polishing technology is an important part of mold surface engineering and an important process for post-processing in mold manufacturing. At present, the polishing equipment, abrasive abrasives and processes of domestic mold polishing to Ra0.05μm can basically meet the needs, but the mirror polishing equipment, abrasive abrasives and technology of Ra0.025μm should be thrown to the stage of exploration.

Mirror mold material is not only a chemical component problem, but more importantly, it requires vacuum degassing, argon gas protection ingot casting, vertical continuous casting and rolling, soft forging, etc. during smelting.


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