Plastic mold. Common structural design of plastic mold

Common structural design of plastic mold

In the process of injection molding plastic mold processing, under the molding factors of various molding processing techniques, there are mainly the following common structural designs:

1. Demoulding slope

Since the plastic shrinks after cooling, it will be tightly wrapped on the punch core, or the plastic product will be closely attached to the concave mold cavity due to the adhesion. In order to facilitate demolding, the surface of the plastic mold product is prevented from being drawn during demolding. Injury, etc., the inner and outer surfaces of plastic mold products must be designed to have a reasonable draft angle along the mold release direction.

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2. Shape and wall thickness

The shape of the plastic mold product should be as streamlined as possible to avoid sudden changes. On the one hand, the plastic does not flow smoothly during the molding, causing bubbles and other defects, and the mold is prone to wear.

3. Fillet

The main function of the plastic mold processing rounded corner is that the sharp corner of the plastic mold product is unsafe, and it is unfavorable for the molding. The mold is prone to stress cracking at the sharp corner, and the round corner design can effectively avoid such problems.

4. Reinforcement

It has been mentioned in the text that the main function of the ribs is to improve the rigidity and strength of the plastic mold products, and the reasonable structural design is even more powerful.

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The bulge is a main structural design in the processing of plastic molds. Its biggest function is to reduce the contact contact area, which will not cause assembly difficulties due to deformation of plastic mold products, and also make the injection mold more in the process of making and modifying. For convenience.

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6. Hole design

The choice of the shape and position of the holes must be avoided in order to avoid the weakening of the strength of the plastic mold products and the complication of production. The basic principle of the design is that in the accumulation process of plastic mold processing experience, it is shown that the round holes are more advantageous than the special-shaped holes, so the design of the round holes should be avoided as much as possible.

7. Forming thread design

Threads on plastic mold products are mainly used for joining. The processing methods include injection molding, machining, self-tapping and inserts. This design should be avoided if the thread tolerance is less than the shrinkage of the molding material during design.

8. Stud design

Studs are used in conjunction with self-tapping screws for the connection of plastic mould products.

9. Insert design

Metal or other material parts are embedded in the plastic mold product to form a non-detachable link, and the part embedded in the lock is called an insert. The purpose of inserting inserts into plastic products is to improve the local strength, hardness, wear resistance and electrical conductivity of plastic mold products. The main materials are: metal, glass, wood, fiber, rubber and molded plastic mold products.

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10. Pattern design on plastic mold products

In the design process of plastic mold processing pattern, the convex text and pattern are adopted, and the mold is concave, which is convenient to process. Therefore, if the customer has no special requirements, the convex design is the main one.

11. The design of the buckle

The buckle design is directly formed on the plastic mold products, mainly used for assembly. Because the buckle assembly is quick and economical, the assembly does not need to be matched with other tightening accessories such as screws, so this structure is also widely used in plastic mold products. 

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