Plastic Mold. Precision of plastic mold

Precision of plastic mold

The precision of plastic mould is mainly reflected in the machining precision of mould parts and the matching precision of related mould parts.High quality plastic mold parts are the premise to ensure the precision of the mold, but without a good mold assembly can not produce a high precision mold. Although it is restricted by the technological means of mould processing, the precision of general mould should be coordinated with the precision of product parts.

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The precision measured in the non-working state is the static precision of the mold.In the working state, affected by the working conditions, the static precision value has changed, which is called the dynamic precision of the mold.The dynamic precision of the mold has real practical significance in the actual production.

The main factors affecting the precision of the mold are as follows.

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(1) Precision of product parts.The precision of the working part of the mold is higher than that of the parts of the product. The higher the precision of the parts of the product, the higher the precision of the parts of the mold. The precision of the mold not only has a direct impact on the precision of the products, but also has a great impact on the production cycle and production cost of the mold.

(2) Technical means of mold processing.The level of machining precision, automation and other technical means of mould processing equipment is the basic condition to ensure the accuracy of mould. The accuracy of die depends largely on the level of die processing technology.

(3) Technical level of mold assembly fitter.The guarantee of mold precision needs a high level of mold assembly fitter to achieve, especially the fine surface roughness value of mold finishing surface mainly depends on mold fitter to complete. Therefore, the technical level of die fitter is an important factor affecting the precision of die.

(4) Production mode and management level of mold manufacturing.  The difference of production mode and management mode will affect the precision of mould. For example, it is an important factor that influences the precision of die assembly whether the die design and production adopt the "real match method" or the "separate manufacture method".

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Precision injection molding in a strict sense refers to the plastic products produced by the injection molding machine can reach the dimensional accuracy of less than 0.1mm, we usually in the 0.1 ~ 0.01mm between an injection molding production method called precision injection molding. This concept is different from conventional injection molding. From the definition of precision injection molding, precision plastic parts have a very narrow dimensional tolerance. The plastic molding industry generally believes that when the dimensional tolerance of plastic parts is less than 0.1 mm, or the positive and negative tolerances of part dimensional tolerances are less than 0.1 mm, it can be called precision molding.The dimension tolerance of parts up to micron level can be called ultra-precision grade injection molding.



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