Plastic Mould Selection of Mold Base

Plastic Mould Selection of Mold Base

When selecting the mold base material of a set of molds, we first need to determine whether the mold base is produced from the original body. If it is not produced from the original body and the load is not large, we can choose Yellow Label Tool Steel (or trump card) steel as the mold base (and the mold product does not contain corrosive gas). Yellow Label Tool Steel is Hong Kong's term for medium carbon Steel. The international standard code for Yellow Label Tool Steel (or trump card) is AISI 1050, often referred to as 1050, and the Japanese standard code is JIS S50C, often referred to as S50C. Previously, Yellow Label Tool Steel CARDS were imported from Japan. With the improvement of domestic smelting technology, most of the Yellow Label Tool Steel  purchased at present come from China, generally wisco and Shanghai baosteel. Comparatively speaking, the quality of Shanghai baosteel's yellow CARDS will be better than wisco's Yellow Label Tool Steel. Now, only Japanese fudeba company is still using S50C material imported from Japan.

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Characteristics of the Yellow Label Tool Steel.plastic mould

Low hardness, convenient cutting, low price. Suitable for making mould frame, mechanical accessories, etc. The factory hardness is HB170~220.

If the mold base is not produced by the original body, and the mold product is produced without corrosive gas, when it bears heavy load, we usually choose P20 material with better hardness and toughness than Yellow Label Tool Steel plate as the mold base.

P20 is the most widely used material in plastic mold steel. P20 is the international general term of chrome-nickel alloy steel, and the name of each steel plant is not the same, extending many names.Currently, the manufacturers that can provide P20 materials include the following:

Sweden(ASSAB) ASSAB 718H, 718S, 618

Austria(BOHLER) M238, M202

GermanyTHYSSEN KRUPP) GS2711,GS2738,P20M


Japan(DAIDO) PX4,PX5

China(Fushun special steel)PX20,738S,738H



With the improvement of special steel smelting technology in China, imported P20 is rarely used in the market at present, which has been basically replaced by domestic P20. If mold base is not the original body, with 2311 material to do mold base is enough.

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If the mold production products are very corrosive, do die base must be well acid resistant 420 pre - hard steel. 420 material is the international name of acid-proof materials, and different steel manufacturers, due to the lack of contact with 420 material, there are often some misunderstandings.

List of commonly used 420 steels (international no. AISI420)

Sweden(ASSAB)POLMAX, S-136HSUP, S-136H, S-136SUP, S-136, 168

Austria(BOHLER) M340,M310,M310H,M300,M333

GermanyTHYSSEN KRUPP) GS2083, GS2083H, GS2083M, GS2083ESR, GS2083VAR, GS2083S, GS2316, GS2316R, GS2316ESR, GS2316ESR, GS2316ESR-H,GS2128H




China 2083S,2083H,2316S,2316H

If the mould base is only used for general rust prevention and does not need to be produced by the original body, the domestic 420H mould base can be used. If the acidity of the rubber product is large, then M310H can be used as the mold base.

Common acidic plastic materials are shown below: plastic mould

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