Plastic Mold. Export Basic Manufacturing Requirements

Basic production requirements for export of plastic mold

Basic production requirements for export plastic molds:

1. The mold drawing must be processed according to the customer's confirmed mold drawing. If there is any change, please inform the customer in time.

2. Please keep the surface clean and free from any scratch, and do not knock at will.

3. All workpiece should consider good processing technology before processing, processing should be completed in one time, do not repeat up and down the machine.

4. Screw and reset spring are standard parts. Both ends are not polished and cut off. The bottom surface of installation hole is flat bottom.

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5. Cooling channel design should be adequate and smooth. Cooling water nozzle according to design requirements. The entrance and exit shall be marked.IN, OUT, IN, OUT, such as IN1, OUT1. In case of special requirements, the design requirements shall prevail. English characters and Numbers are marked in capitals, 10mm directly below the nozzle, and the writing is clear, beautiful, neat and evenly spaced. Water can not be blocked with red copper, should be in accordance with the requirements of the drawings using the corresponding specifications of the standard water plug. Cooling water nozzle adopts the standard specified by the customer. It is not allowed to protrude from the surface of die frame during installation, and the water nozzle head is not more than 3mm into the outer surface. The diameter of cooling water nozzle to avoid holes should generally be ¢25, ¢30 and ¢35mm, with chamfering on the outside edge, which is larger than 1.5×45, and the chamfering is consistent.

6. The sealing groove for placing the sealing ring shall be processed in size and shape according to relevant standards and arranged on the mold blank. Small rounded corners of r0.3-r0.5mm should be inverted around the waterproof apron groove to avoid the apron being crushed during mold installation. Red heat-resistant apron is used for waterproof apron. Butter should be applied when it is placed. Seal must be reliable, no leakage, easy to repair, water nozzle installation with raw material tape.

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7. Use less polishing machine for Fit mold time division surface, and use more CNC and EDM to process Fit mold.It is forbidden to use sander on plane.

8. Mold blank hanger ring hole must be sized according to the drawing. The ring can be rotated to the end to balance the lifting. Try to provide a lifting ring in the packaging box when the mold is exported to facilitate customers to receive the mold for lifting.

9. The positioning ring conforms to the dimensions and specifications of the drawings confirmed by the customer. The mounting holes must be sunk holes, not directly attached to the top surface of the die frame.Reliable mounting.

10. The spherical R and inlet diameter of the nozzle injection port must meet the specifications confirmed by the customer on the drawing. Non-standard parts must use H13 class materials (such as SKD61, etc.), heat treatment hrc58-62.

11. The sprue and runner are processed by machine tools (CNC, milling machine, EDM) in strict accordance with the size of the drawing. Manual grinding machine is not allowed. The submerged gate is processed according to the gate specification.

12. Unevenness, pits, rust and other defects affecting the appearance of front and rear die surfaces are not allowed. The parting surface is kept clean and tidy, and the sealing part has no depression.Front mold and back mold bar position, column surface, no fire pattern, knife mark, and polishing as far as possible. Secretary cylinder pinhole surface with reamer fine wring, no fire pattern, knife marks.

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13. Whether the exhaust groove depth is less than the overflow value of plastic, PP is less than 0.03mm, ABS, PS and other values are less than 0.05mm, the exhaust groove is processed by the machine tool, without the trace of manual grinding machine.

14. Insert block and insert needle shall be fixed and fixed reliably, and circular parts shall have stop rotation. Do not pad copper sheet, iron sheet, inner die workpiece and insert are not allowed to welding.

15. The hole of the drum and the pinhole of the top are processed by thread cutting and arranged in a straight way. The ejector end face is consistent with the core.

16. Each part of the mold shall be numbered.The number is not allowed to be processed by hand with grinding machine. The front and rear mould kernel can be stamped on concave and horizontal position at the base Angle of the bottom surface with milling cutter and then type-mark. Other parts code etching processing. The handwriting should be clear, beautiful, neat and evenly spaced.

17. The ejection of thimble is smooth, no stuck and no noise. Backstroke rod end face is flat without spot welding. There is no gasket and spot welding at the bottom of embryo head.

18. Movable parts such as bushing needle and ejector that need to be pierced with the front die surface should be processed by inserting into the front die. plastic mold.

19. Research and match each touching surface, piercing surface and parting surface in place.

20. Mold material including model and processing status according to drawing requirements.

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