Automobile parts plastic mold.Prints made(2)

Specification for leather pattern of automobile parts plastic mold

2. Realization of leather stripes

Common skin pattern/pear ground pattern bite flower principle:

Automobile parts plastic mold

Principle of three-dimensional texture bite:

Automobile parts plastic mold

3. Key points of plastic parts design

The rationality of the structural design of plastic parts is closely related to the quality, clarity and molding difficulty of leather stripes. According to the industry design experience, for two typical interior injection materials PP and ABS, the depth of leather pattern has different requirements on the drawing Angle of plastic parts:

The drawing Angle of the part and the depth of the leather grain affect the stripping performance of the part directly.

The mold drawing Angle of the general plastic parts should be defined above 0.5°, but for the decorative parts with leather pattern, the conventional experience is that the leather pattern with a depth of 13 microns requires a mold drawing Angle of 1°. For example, when the leather pattern corrosion of the door guard plate body is selected with 110 microns, the mold drawing Angle of the early design should be about 8°. Automobile parts plastic mold

But the theoretical value must be combined with the actual situation, if some surface can not make a large slope, the skin grain of this area can be used to do a shallow treatment. According to the forming conditions, materials, wall thickness and vertical height of the parts, the depth of the skin pattern and the proportion of the drawing Angle will be different. If the Angle of the die is small and the leather is too deep, it may cause the parts to be stuck or albino when the mold is released.

Depth range of common lines:

  1. fine leather grain, leather grain depth of 0 to 80 microns;
  2. fire pattern, leather grain depth of 20 to 40 microns, than the same depth of fine leather grain, more delicate and soft;
  3. silk, leather grain depth of 20 to 80 microns;

     4. thick leather and geometric grain, leather grain depth of 100 to 150 microns.

Generally speaking, the relationship between the drawing Angle and the depth of leather grain processing is shown in the following table:

Table 1 relationship between the Angle of drawing die and the depth of striation

Automobile parts plastic mold

4. Basic principles for the definition of striated areas

The leather pattern of the parts is officially announced by the design department of the main engine plant and is generally distributed in the visible area, including the high visible area and the low visible area, except for the painted parts and chrome-plated parts.

The same kind of leather grain is applied to different shapes of objects with different effects, and different parts of the surface and lap parts have different requirements on leather grain, so we expect to consider the leather grain layout and definition of different areas of interior decoration in the automobile modeling design stage.

The basic principles for the definition of leather grain area in interior design are as follows:

1) the instrument panel, door guard plate and pillar A guard plate belong to the high visible area. The surface area of the plastic parts is large, and the main visual parts need leather grain with good effect. Three-dimensional texture rich layers, soft luster, decorative effect is better, therefore, this part of the region usually choose three-dimensional multi-level texture.

2) in some of the smaller plastic surface, such as buttons, knobs, small appliances function operation panel surface, because the area is small, not suitable style relatively large three-dimensional grain and ordinary leather grain, smaller and more applicable style fine leather grain, often use frosted lines, which makes the whole thing and prints look delicate, coordination. Automobile parts plastic mold

3) in some rare, such as storage box inside side, glasses box inside side, glove box inside side, and so on some have the function of opening and closing inside side can do ordinary leather grain to save cost.


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