Automobile parts plastic mold.Prints made(4)

Specification for leather pattern of automobile parts plastic mold

2.6 ink drying

Put the printed decal paper on the oven grid, ink face up, evenly spread out, no overlap, control temperature 40 ~ 45℃, bake until the ink is half dry, that is, touch the decal paper ink does not stick to the hand, a little pressure will stick to the hand, generally about 10 ~ 15 minutes.Ink drying, transfer with mold non - stick or poor adhesion;The ink is wet and easy to be blurred.

2.7 pre-treatment of molds

This procedure should be done before decal paper printing decorative pattern.

The surface roughness of the mould should reach the above, and there should be no sand hole or scratch, in order to ensure the complete, clear and consistent decorative lines.Do not meet the requirements, should be added grinding.

Automobile parts plastic mold

Swabbed mold cavity and all sides with recycled wire and gasoline to make the surface clean.Do not do decorative surface with nitrocellulose paint, perchloride paint protection, brush two to three times, hole, groove can be used rubber plug, plasticine, sealed box with protection.

Wait for the paint film to dry, do the decorative surface with magnesium oxide slurry in addition to oil, cleaning, until the surface can be completely wetted by water.Then blot the water dry with a sponge and blow dry with a hair dryer.

2.8 decal transfer

According to characteristics of mold cavity, the decal paper cut into the shape of a easy to paste, gently stripped with decorative lines of a layer of tissue paper, ink for mould, attentive paste, smooth and submissive not wrinkle, plane with rubber scraper, shave off surface use absorbent cotton wadded, vertical pressure force paper base, make the decal paper on ink transfer printing on the mould.

After the transfer, wet the decal paper with a small amount of water with a sponge, then gently remove the paper base, sponge or absorbent paper to dry the water on the mold.

2.9 drying

Transfer to the mold ink, summer can be naturally dry, winter with infrared lamp drying, table, dry.

2.10 modification

For the joint of decal transfer printing and the defective decorative lines, dip no. 0 or no. 1 drawing pen into transfer printing ink for repair, dry with infrared lamp after repair, and then use pen-type retouch knife to trim the excess ink until the decorative lines are even and clear and connect naturally.

2.11 corrosion

(1) formulation of corrosion solution

Ferric chloride 450 ~ 560g/L

Hydrochloric acid 5 ~ 10ml/L

Kerosene 10 ~ 15 drops/tank

Corrosion efflux degree control 36 ~ 40°Be.

(2) preparation before corrosion

Before mold corrosion, apply magnesium oxide water slurry to remove oil and clean the decorative lines, and then spray tap water with a water gun for 1min to check whether the ink and mold are firmly combined.

Automobile parts plastic mold

Then dip the wool brush brush ink, no ink should be uniform gray, completely wetted by water, to ensure uniform corrosion.In the above operation process, if there is ink off, should immediately stop corrosion, push over, re-decal transfer.

Under normal operating conditions, ink and mold combination is very strong, the cause of loss is improper operation, such as decal transfer, mold moisture dry, or decal transfer paper ink drying too dry, or decal transfer after no scraping pressure, operation should pay attention to. Automobile parts plastic mold

(3) corrosion

After confirming that the mold can be corroded, the mold cavity is surrounded by three layers of double-sided self-adhesive paper and PVC plastic cloth, forming a corrosion protection apron, 400 ~ 600mm longer than the mold.The corrosion machine adopts the nozzle type spherical nozzle with 19 nozzles evenly distributed on one half of the sphere, which can spray uniformly in three dimensions.

Hang the mold with electric hoist, the mold cavity is down, the nozzle is up and it is in the center of the protective apron. The two people hold the mold and rotate it slowly, start the corrosion machine, and time the corrosion with a stopwatch for 7 ~ 10min. Take the lower limit in summer and the upper limit in winter.

For molds with specific requirements on the corrosion depth of decorative lines, the same steel shall be used as decorative lines corrosion samples to measure the required time.

2.12 inspection

Lift the mold out, rinse with running water quickly, use 5 ~ 10 times magnifying glass or plasticine embossing decorative lines, check the depth of corrosion.If the corrosion depth is not enough, can be hoisted back to supplement the corrosion.Meet the requirements, immediately out of the slot cleaning.

2.13 cleaning and rust prevention

Rinse the mold with running water, remove residual ferric chloride, remove the plastic apron, wipe the surface with recycled wire, peel off the sealing tape and vinyl perchloride paint, nitro paint with banana water, ink with gasoline.After cleaning, blow dry the mold with an electric hair dryer, and then coat the surface of the mold with anti-rust oil dipped in recycled wire.

3 process characteristics

(1) the use of self-matching ink, with good corrosion resistance, strong adhesive force, natural drying, good transfer performance;

Automobile parts plastic mold

(2) the self-made spherical corrosion nozzle is adopted, and the corrosion fluid can be sprayed into a uniform hemispherical surface, which is suitable for the corrosion of complex cavity. With the cavity facing down, the corrosion fluid will not be piled up, and the corrosion depth is even, no ※ Angle, the pattern is clear, and the decorative pattern is of high quality.

(3) the process method is simple, easy to operate, suitable for large, medium and small molds, not limited by geometric shape; Automobile parts plastic mold

(4) simple equipment, little material consumption, mainly consumption of decal paper, transfer ink, protection paint, low cost, high economic benefits.

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