Electronic moId injection Mold for Plastic mold

Electronic moId injection Mold for Plastic mold

Traditional plastic mechanical processing is only responsible for the production link, which belongs to the lowest end of the whole production chain and also the weakest link of the profit. It belongs to a link with relatively low technical content. With the continuous rise of production costs, plastic machinery processing industry is facing the biggest crisis, the labor cost has increased greatly, the rent has increased, the profit is also close to negative, so how should the enterprise survive, in this critical moment, we have to think, how to upgrade the enterprise, how to find a turnaround. If we want to survive, we can only increase the added value of products, further improve services and increase the profits of enterprises. How to transform from a manufacturing enterprise to a high-end service-oriented machining enterprise. In recent years, international plastics machinery are provided to the market with a full set of process scheme, plastic machinery has made the very survival of service-oriented manufacturing strategic transformation, and a service-oriented manufacturing from the "bottom" towards the development concept of "high-end" high-end value chain refers to the international industrial division of labor, such as plastic machinery manufacture high-end only understood as a single equipment technology advanced, will lead to the industrial type of road.

"High-end" plastic machinery manufacturing is able to solve the relevant field/industry "potential demand" plastic products molding processing full solution, innovation and creation of plastic molding processing technology and equipment from the relevant field/industry "potential demand" full solution service process research and development. If you only manufacture equipment, you are at the lower end of the value chain, with most of the added value going to the full solution of "potential demand" plastic products. Service manufacturing indicates that high-end plastic machinery manufacturing refers to the plastic machinery at the high end of the value chain of a full set of solutions, which highlights its molding and processing capabilities and is also a standard to measure the advanced technical level of plastic machinery. Only the technical progress of plastics machinery misinterpreted as on original equipment manufactured of some of the design of new technology, new technology, equipment, test new methods of new parts, no substantial scientific and technological progress and forming ability, just as a full range of solutions to provide more excellent equipment, is still in the low end of the value chain. Guangzhou enqiniyou plastic products co., LTD. Specializes in providing complete set of mechanical processing services, mechanical processing equipment companies to provide a strong technical backing, from the selection of materials, processing process design, to provide a full range of services.

Processing equipment: CNC machining center, CNC lathe, CNC milling machine,


Technical team: experienced old technical workers, senior technical personnel with rich professional knowledge


Professional undertake all kinds of plastic accessories processing

Electronic moIdElectronic moIdElectronic moId


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