Injection mold processing characteristics

Injection mold processing characteristics

Injection mould is a tool for producing plastic products. During the processing of injection mould, the plastic melted by heat is injected into the mould cavity under high pressure by the injection molding machine. So in the injection mold processing when what characteristics?
1. Design and processing in different places. Mold processing is not the ultimate goal, but by the user put forward the final product design, mold processing manufacturers in accordance with the requirements of the user, design and processing mold and in most cases, the product injection production is also in addition to the manufacturers. This has resulted in the product design, mold design and processing of products produced in different places.
2. The cavity and core are vertical. Parts of external and internal shape is formed directly by the cavity and core, these complex multiple-layered surface processing difficulty than eve, is out of line profile within the blind groove cavity forming processing, if use the traditional processing style, not only requires workers craft level is high, auxiliary fixture, cutting tools, and processing cycle is long.

3, long process flow, processing time is tight. For injection parts, most of them are complete products with other parts, and in many cases are completed in other parts, kong Yin looks forward to injection parts supporting the market. Because of the appearance of products or dimensional accuracy requirements are very high, plus because of the characteristics of resin materials are different, mold processing is completed, also need to frequently test mold and correction, make open up and delivery is very serious.
4, high precision and general quality requirements, long service life requirements. At present, the general plastic parts dimensional accuracy requirements for it6-7, general rough ra0.2-0.1 microns, the response injection mold parts dimensional accuracy requirements to it5-6, general rough Ra0.1 microns below. The thickness of the real surface of the laser disc should reach the level of mirror processing. Long-life injection mold for forward high efficiency and reduce the cost is very necessary, the service life of injection mold at present generally requires more than 1 million times. Strict injection mold to use a large rigidity of the mold, add the thickness of the template, add supporting column or cone positioning element to prevent the mold from deformation after the pressure, sometimes the internal pressure can reach 100MPa.Ejection assembly is the main factor that affects the deformation and dimensional accuracy of the product. High precision injection mold in the structure of the night are used inlaid or full spell structure, which requires the mold parts processing accuracy, exchangeability are greatly forward.
5. Professional division of labor and dynamic combination. Mold production batch small, generally belongs to the production of a single piece, but the mold needs a lot of size pieces, large to die, small to thimble, these can not and cannot only be completed by a manufacturer zero, and processing technology is complex, popular equipment and CNC equipment use imbalance

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