Automotive Plastic Injection Mold Making, Auto Bumper, plastic mold

Automotive Plastic Injection Mold Making, Auto Bumper, plastic mold

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Automotive Plastic Injection Mold 

Mold processing

Pre-processing: 6 surface processing of die material, lifting hole processing, preparing for rough processing;

Rough processing: this link requires the completion of datum level, datum angle and datum hole. In order to ensure the efficiency of rough processing, the tool feed is relatively large, so the processing accuracy is not high. The general product surface and forming surface are reserved for 1-1.5 mm, and the material that needs heat treatment needs to be reserved for 3 mm.

Semi-finishing: core and top block are processed together, and 0.3-0.5 mm is reserved for the next process (CNC accuracy is generally 0.1 mm).

High-speed milling: core product surface and parting surface processing, processing accuracy is generally 0.02 mm;

Top block, insert block and so on: the top block/insert processing needs to first process the front as the reference plane, fix the front of each top block on a reference plate, carry out the reverse and side processing, finish the research and matching of the back and core, and then process the shape of the front;

EDM: It includes two processes: electrode processing and EDM, which mainly deal with special contours, ribs, snaps and other positions that can not be machined by machine tools.

EDW: Processing through holes of mosaic insert and top piece.

Deep hole drilling: die waterway, push and control, ejector hole, oblique guide column hole for processing;

Heat treatment: to increase the hardness of die materials, there are tempering, vacuum quenching and nitriding (surface hardness); tempering period is 4 days, 3 days, and one day of stress relief; vacuum quenching period is 7-9 days; nitriding is generally used on moving parts such as sliders and top blocks, the period is 2-3 days.



Automotive Plastic Injection Mold

Automotive Plastic Injection Mold 



About Kayou

Kayou can make molds for products from all walks of life, among which automotive moulds are one of Kayou's core businesses. At present, Kayou has formed close cooperation with German Volkswagen and Japanese Honda brands.

We have a team of experienced and skilled engineers. Answer any questions related to the mold for you at any time. We believe that our injection mold manufacturing strength can meet any of your needs, high standards of production process to avoid your worries.

Plastic mold used for auto

Include:Headlights, Bumpers, Grilles, Radiator Supports, Header & Nose Panels, Hoods, Mirrors, Tailgates Trunk Lids, Tail Lights, Step Bumpers, A/C Condensers, Doors, Radiators, Fenders.



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Automotive Plastic Injection Mold 


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