Household product Mold, plastic mold and injection molding

Household product Mold, plastic mold and injection molding

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Household product Mold, plastic mold and injection molding


Household product Mold

Although there are many kinds of injection moulds, the structure composition of different moulds is basically the same. The structure of the injection mould with multi-cavity and single parting surface is illustrated as an example.

1) Molding parts, which constitute the cavity of the die, are mainly used to determine the geometry and size of the plastic parts, such as punch to determine the shape of the plastic parts, and concave to determine the shape of the plastic parts.

2) The pouring system is the channel through which the plastic melt is injected into the closed die cavity, which has an important influence on the flow characteristics of the melt during filling and the quality of injection moulding.

3) The clamping guide mechanism is mainly used to ensure the accurate combination of the moving and fixing die, or other parts in the die, to ensure the accuracy of the shape and size of the plastic parts, and to avoid collision and interference of various parts in the die.

4) Because of the different properties of plastics, the temperature requirement of injection moulds is different. Therefore, the temperature control system is needed to adjust the temperature of moulds. The cooling of the die usually depends on the cooling water in the cooling water channel opened in the die, while the heating of the die depends on the heating elements in the die.

5) The removal of the plastic parts of the demoulding mechanism is completed by the demoulding mechanism. The demoulding mechanism in Figure 4-1 is composed of push rod bottom plate 8 and push rod 11, push rod bottom plate 9 and pull rod 10.

6) When the plastic part has side concave or side hole, the disc module or side core of the forming side concave or side hole must be removed from the plastic part before the plastic part is pushed out. The side parting or side core pulling mechanism is a set of side moving mechanism set up to realize this function.

7) Supporting parts are used to fix or support forming parts. The basic framework of injection moulding is to assemble supporting parts together.

8) Exhaust structure When the melt is injected into the injection mold cavity at high speed, the air in the cavity needs to be discharged, and some gases will be volatilized from the high-temperature plastic. These gases need to be discharged promptly and quickly to avoid forming defects. Various exhaust structures are designed for discharging these gases in the injection mold.


Working Principle of Injection Molding Machine
The working principle of the injection moulding machine is similar to that of the syringe used for injection. It is a process of injecting the plasticized melt state (i.e. viscous flow state) into the closed cavity with the help of the thrust of the screw (or plunger) to obtain the product after solidification and shaping.


Household product Mold


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Household product Mold, plastic mold and injection molding
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