Plastic Injection Mold For Audio, Plastic Mold Manufacturer

Plastic Injection Mold For Audio, Plastic Mold Manufacturer

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Plastic Injection Mold For Audio, Plastic Mold Manufacturer



The processing flow of plastic mold is as follows:

1. Blanking: front die, back die die, insert, row level material, inclined jacking material;

2. Opening frame: front die frame and rear die frame;

3. Opening: opening the front die cavity, the rear die cavity and the parting line;

4. Copper Gong: Copper Gong of the front die, Copper Gong of the rear die and Copper Gong of the parting line;

5. WEDM: insert parting line, copper gong, oblique top pillow;

6. Computer gong: precision Gong parting line, precision Gong back die core;

7. Electric spark: front die thick, copper male, male die line clear angle, back die bone position, occipital position;

8. Drilling, pinhole and ejector; line position and line position pressure pole;

9. Inclined top compound thimble and matching thimble;

10. Others: (1) Haw, die pit, garbage nail (limit nail); (2) flying die; (3) nozzle, prop, spring, water transport; (4) die saving, polishing, front and rear die bone position; (5) fine water structure, pull rod screw hook, spring quenching, line surface nitriding; (5) repair and engraving.

Hot runner mold

With the help of heating device, the plastics in the pouring system will not solidify and will not be demoulded with the product, so it is also called runnerless die. Advantages: 1) No waste 2) can reduce injection pressure, can use multi-cavity moulds 3) can shorten the moulding cycle 4) improve the quality of products suitable for hot runner moulding characteristics: 5) plastic melting temperature range is wide. It has good fluidity at low temperature and good thermal stability at high temperature. 6) It is sensitive to pressure and does not flow without pressure, but it can flow when pressure is applied. 7) Good specific heat, so as to cool quickly in the die. The plastics available for hot runners are PE, ABS, POM, PC, HIPS, PS. There are two kinds of common hot runners: 1) heating runner mode 2) adiabatic runner mode.


Plastic properties

The wide application of plastic products can not be separated from its own characteristics. The composition characteristics of plastics are introduced below.

(1) Molecular structure of plastics

The main components of plastics are resins, which are natural resins and synthetic resins.

(2) Composition of plastics

Resin: The main function is to bind other components of plastics and determine the main properties of plastics, such as mechanical, physical, electrical and chemical properties. The proportion of resin in plastics is generally 40%~65%.

Filler: Also known as filler, the correct choice of filler can improve the performance of plastics and expand its scope of use.

Plasticizer: Some resins have little plasticity and poor softness. In order to reduce the melting viscosity and melting temperature of resins, improve their processing properties, improve the flexibility, elasticity and other necessary properties of plastics, energy and resin phase are usually added.

Volatile, volatile, high boiling point organic compounds. Such substances are called plasticizers.

Colourant: Also known as pigments, mainly plays an aesthetic and decorative role, including the paint part.

Stabilizer: Any substance that can retard the deterioration of plastics is called stabilizer, spectrophotometric stabilizer, thermal stabilizer and antioxidant.

Lubricant: Improve the fluidity of plastic solution, reduce or avoid friction and adhesion to equipment or die, and improve the surface finish of plastic parts.



Plastic Injection Mold For Audio

Plastic Injection Mold For Audio



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1.Can you make parts as well as molds?

Of course. We can. 

2.How long does it take to make a mold?

25 days. Mold design for 4 days, mold making for 30 days.

3.What information do I need to provide for accurate pricing?

You should provide final drawing: 3D drawings in STP, IGS, X-T format. And you'd better tell us what kind of materials and quantity.

4. Is plastic injection mold for audio your core business?

Yes. We can make all kinds of molds for products in different industries.


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