Plastic Injection Mold, Injection Molding for LED Light

Plastic Injection Mold, Injection Molding for LED Light

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  • Brand:Kayou
  • Serial Number: K-0013
  • Country of Origin:Shenzhen, China
  • Certificate:ISO9001

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  • Price Quote:$1,000-$100,000
  • Minimum Order: 1 set
  • Average Delivery Time:25 days
  • Payment Method:T/T
  • Package Details:Wooden Case
  • Ability to Supply:5 set/Per month
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Plastic Injection Mold, Injection Molding for LED Light 


Injection molding
Also known as cast molding. Injection molding is suitable for plastics that are less than solid plastics and can be compression molded in principle. They can also be formed by injection molding. However, it is required that the molding material has a good fluidity in a molten state at a temperature lower than the curing temperature, and a larger curing rate at a temperature higher than the curing temperature.
Hollow molding
The tubular or sheet material obtained by extrusion or injection and still in a plasticized state is fixed in the molding die, and the compressed air is immediately introduced to force the material to expand and stick to the wall surface of the mold cavity. After cooling and setting, the mold is released, which is a processing method of the desired hollow product. The advantage of injection blow molding is that the parison has a uniform wall thickness and no flash. Since the injection parison has a bottom surface, the bottom of the hollow product does not have a seam and a seam, which is not only beautiful but also high in strength. The disadvantage is that the molding equipment and the mold used are expensive, so this molding method is mostly used for mass production of small hollow products, and there is no extensive extrusion blow molding method in use.
Die casting mold
Die-casting molds are also called transfer molding molds. This type of mold is mostly used for the molding of thermosetting plastics.
In addition, there are foam molding dies, glass fiber reinforced plastic low pressure molding dies, etc.


Plastic materials and properties

Plastics is a kind of material which is mainly composed of macromolecule synthetic resin and has plasticity and fluidity under certain temperature and pressure. It can be plastic into a certain shape and keep its shape unchanged under certain conditions. The commonly used plastics are thermosetting plastics and thermoplastic plastics. Thermosetting plastics are characterized by their ability to solidify into insoluble materials under heating or other conditions. Thermoplastics are characterized by repeated heating, softening or cooling and solidification within a specific temperature range.

Plastics have the advantages of light weight, good strength, corrosion resistance, good insulation, easy coloring, products can be processed into arbitrary shapes, and high production efficiency, low price and so on.


Injection molds mainly include two parts: moving and fixing moulds. When the injection moulding machine works, the moving mold tends to be fixed, and they close to form the cavity and the pouring system. When opening the mold, the moving mold and the fixed mould are separated, and the ejection mechanism starts to move, and the plastic parts are ejected from the cavity to make the injection products eject smoothly. To complete a work cycle.



LED Light plastic injection mold



Plastic Injection Mold Show

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Plastic Part Show

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Factory Show

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1.What services can you provide?

Mould manufacturing, injection molding, powder metallurgy ...

2.What products can you make?

Automobile, Electronics, Medical, Office Supplies, etc.

3.What types of molds can you make?

Plastic injection mold.

4. What are your advantages?

1) Competitive Price
2) Quick Delivery time(2-4 weeks)
3) Advanced equipment and Skilled workers


Plastic Injection Mold, Injection Molding for LED Light

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