Printer Plastic Injection Mould tooling, injection molding

Printer Plastic Injection Mould tooling, injection molding

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Printer Plastic Injection Mould tooling, injection molding

Product description:

Plastic shrinkage and plastic knowledge in injection mold processing

1. Conventional varieties and classification of plastics In daily life, most of the plastics that we can directly touch or perceive are conventional general-purpose plastics. The injection molding process mainly includes five categories: PE, PP, ABS, PC, PS. Plastics occupy the vast majority of plastic raw materials, and the rest can be classified into special plastics such as PPS, PPO, PA, PVC, POM, etc. They are rarely used in daily life products, mainly used in High-end fields such as engineering, defense and technology, such as automotive, aerospace, construction, communications and other fields.

Second, the performance and use of commonly used plastics in injection molding

1. ABS: It is a versatile engineering plastic with outstanding physical and mechanical properties. It is widely used in household appliances, panels, masks, assemblies, accessories, etc., especially household appliances such as washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, Electric fans, etc., are very large in quantity, and in addition to plastic modification, the use is also very wide.

2. PE polyethylene: commonly used polyethylene can be divided into low pressure polyethylene (HDPE), high pressure polyethylene (LDPE) and linear high pressure polyethylene (LLDPE). 


Extrusion molding

It is a kind of forming method to make the plastic in viscous flow state pass through the die with specific cross-section shape at high temperature and certain pressure, and then shape it into the continuous profile with required cross-section shape at low temperature. The production process of extrusion moulding is preparation of moulding materials, extrusion moulding, cooling setting, traction and cutting, post-processing of extruded products (conditioning or heat treatment). In the process of extrusion, attention should be paid to adjusting the temperature, screw speed and traction speed of each heating section of the barrel and die of the extruder in order to obtain qualified extrusion profile. Particular attention should be paid to adjusting the extrusion rate of polymer melt from die. Because when the extrusion rate of molten material is low, the extrudate has smooth surface and uniform cross-section shape, but when the extrusion rate of molten material reaches a certain limit, the extrudate surface will become rough and lose luster, and shark skin, orange peel, shape distortion and other phenomena will appear. When the extrusion rate is further increased, the surface of the extrudate will be distorted, even branched and broken into melt fragments or cylinders. Therefore, the control of extrusion rate is very important.


Plastic materials and properties

Plastics is a kind of material which is mainly composed of macromolecule synthetic resin and has plasticity and fluidity under certain temperature and pressure. It can be plastic into a certain shape and keep its shape unchanged under certain conditions. The commonly used plastics are thermosetting plastics and thermoplastic plastics. Thermosetting plastics are characterized by their ability to solidify into insoluble materials under heating or other conditions. Thermoplastics are characterized by repeated heating, softening or cooling and solidification within a specific temperature range.

Plastics have the advantages of light weight, good strength, corrosion resistance, good insulation, easy coloring, products can be processed into arbitrary shapes, and high production efficiency, low price and so on.


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Printer Plastic Injection Mould tooling, injection molding

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