Precision tooling for Electronic ABS cover part plastic mold

Precision tooling for Electronic ABS cover part plastic mold
Precision tooling for Electronic ABS cover part plastic mold
Precision tooling for Electronic ABS cover part plastic mold

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Precision tooling for Electronic ABS cover part plastic mould


Precision tooling for Electronic ABS cover part plastic mold

Electronic ABS camera cover part plastic injection mold Product analysis
Digital cameras are common small household appliances. Digital camera front cover products are made of ABS with shrinkage of 1.005, plastic parts of 1.50mm, plastic parts of 116.75mm X 67.20 mm X 36.60 mm. Plastic parts quality 22.12 grams .
There are holes or bulges around the plastic parts, and the slider cores need to be designed around. There are 3 buckles and 1 column on the inner side of the two long sides of the plastic part. Digital cameras are precision photographic instruments. The exquisite appearance is the basic requirement. The appearance requirements are high. The clamping lines of the four sliders must be controlled below 0.01. The hole positions on the slider and the internal structural elements have assembly requirements. Various injection molding defects must be avoided to ensure the quality of the plastic parts.
2. Mold design points
2.1 Die position:
The sliders are required to be designed on all four sides of the front cover of the digital camera. From the die structure, the cavity can only be designed to be 1 out of 1. The die size is LKM CI3535 A80 B120 C110.
2.2 Opening direction and parting surface:
According to the convention, the appearance surface is on the side of the cavity, that is, the fixed mold side, and the inner cavity of the plastic part is on the side of the movable mold, so that the plastic part remains in the movable mold after the mold is opened. The parting surfaces of the four sliders are selected at the corner of the plastic part to extend the position of 0.2, which is convenient for the four slider groups to save the mold and polish together, eliminating the difference between the clamping lines, see Figure 6. The dynamic model core is divided into two large parts, namely the rear mold core and the rear mold core insert, which reduces the CNC machining amount and facilitates the clearing angle and reduces the amount of electric discharge machining.

2.3 Pouring system design:
After the molten plastic autonomous flow path enters the parting surface, the submerged gate through the shunt passes through the large round hole on the top surface of the plastic part into the cavity, two latent gates, and a 3 mm thimble, and the gate is manually trimmed after molding.

2.4 ejector system design:
The ejection of plastic parts is mainly the use of inclined tops (3) and dome needles. Due to the limitation of the space position, the inclined top seat cannot be made very large. The width dimension of the inclined top seat and the inclined top should be coordinated. Do not oversize one side and the other side is too small to avoid insufficient strength. The design of the slanted roof is similar to the structure of the slanted roof of the mobile phone. The inclined top guiding system adopts a thimble plate guide post guide sleeve, and the ejector pin guide post adopts a floating structure which is not fixed before and after.

2.5 Lateral core pulling mechanism design:
The four slider mechanisms are all inlaid. That is, each slider is divided into two parts: the slider seat and the slider. All the sliders are driven by the inclined guide column. The wear plate is embedded in the bottom and the inclined surface of the slider seat for easy adjustment and mold maintenance.

2.6 Cooling system:
Both the movable mold and the fixed mold are designed with corresponding cooling systems to facilitate temperature adjustment and shorten the injection moulding cycle.


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Electronic ABS camera cover part plastic injection moulding



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Precision tooling for Electronic ABS cover part plastic mold


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