Automotive parts shell plastic injection mould,precision die

Automotive parts shell plastic injection mould,precision die
Automotive parts shell plastic injection mould,precision die
Automotive parts shell plastic injection mould,precision die

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  • Brand:Kayou
  • Serial Number: K-0019
  • Country of Origin:Shenzhen, China
  • Certificate:ISO9001

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  • Price Quote:$1,000-$100,000
  • Minimum Order: 1 set
  • Average Delivery Time:25 days
  • Payment Method:T/T
  • Package Details:Wooden Case
  • Ability to Supply:5 set/Per month
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Automotive parts shell plastic injection mould,precision die


Cavity Design of Injection Mold
With the rapid development of macromolecule materials, good social and economic benefits have been achieved by replacing steel with plastic products. Today, with the increasing pursuit of individuation, plastic products have laid a solid foundation for its realization, which brings business opportunities and hope to the injection mould industry. At the same time, it also puts forward higher technical requirements for the injection mould industry, such as mould materials, mould design, mould manufacturing, and so on. There must be a technological revolution in injection moulding and even in product packaging.
In the design process of injection mould, the cavity design of the mould is the most front-end work of the injection mould, and also the most important step.
Basic Structure of Injection Mold
1. Mold embryo: In order to realize the standardized operation of the mould, we specialize in producing the largest standard parts of the mould for fixing and installing other systems of the mould.
2. Mold cavity: that is to say, the mould cavity used for moulding the cavity of injection parts, also includes the exhaust system for eliminating the air in the cavity and the gas generated in the process of injection moulding;
3. Gating system: the passage or mechanism of molten rubber into the die cavity, such as hot runner;
4. Cooling system: Let the rubber filled in the cavity cool quickly, which is convenient for the media and passages to be removed from the cavity, such as normal temperature water, frozen water, liquid nitrogen, hot oil, high-pressure steam, etc. Some media sometimes also play the role of heating and heat preservation to prevent the cavity temperature from being too low and affect the rubber filling, such as high-pressure steam, hot oil, etc.
5. Ejection system: This is the mechanism that removes the formed parts from the die cavity, such as ejector needle, barrel, pusher, push plate, straight top, air valve, etc.
6. Core-pulling system: Because of the existence of grooves, holes and inverted buckles which are not easy to demould, auxiliary mechanisms designed to achieve smooth demoulding, such as row position, inclined top, bullet block, etc., some core-pulling mechanisms also have the function of ejecting parts, such as inclined top;
7. Safety system: The guide and position restriction mechanism set up to ensure the accurate movement and reset of the die in opening and closing is used to ensure the working safety and maintenance safety of the die, such as guide pillar, guide sleeve, mandatory reset mechanism, reset induction switch, die foot, limit block, buckler and so on. Of course, some of these mechanisms have auxiliary functions of other systems.
The design of injection mold cavity should collect as much information as possible before design, such as assembly, function, appearance, dimension, physical properties of rubber, actual state of various indicators of production machine, production environment temperature and cleanliness, whether special working environment and environment temperature control is needed, how to meet all the requirements of the parts with the lowest cost, and at the same time guarantee. The rate of good products produced by certificate is the highest, the labor intensity of workers is the lowest, and the production cycle is as short as possible.


Automotive parts shell plastic injection mold

Automotive parts shell plastic injection mold



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Automotive parts shell plastic injection mould,precision die

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