Plastic Injection Mold For Copier, Injection molding

Plastic Injection Mold For Copier, Injection molding

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Plastic Injection Mold For Copier, Injection molding plastic mold


First, the mold base
1. Dashui CI type formwork
2. Dashui CT formwork
3. Dashui BI type formwork (pushing plate formwork)
4. Sluice DBI type formwork (pushing plate formwork)
5. Simplified sluice FAI formwork

Second, the concave mold (cavity) - generally used to shape the shape of plastic parts
1. Integral die (processed from monolith)
(1) Features: simple structure, high strength, not easy to deform
(2) Insufficient: processing is difficult
(3) Scope of application: plastic parts with a simple shape.
2. Combined die (the die is made of two or more pieces of material)

(1) Advantages:
a. Can simplify complex cavities
b. Can adjust the insert to meet the different dimensional accuracy requirements of the plastic parts
c. For parts with special requirements, different materials can be used as inserts
e. Insert gap can be used as exhaust

Third, the core
The core is used to form the inner part of the plastic part, and is generally divided into an integral type and a combined type.
1. Integral core
The integral core structure is firm, but it is inconvenient to process and consumes a lot of materials.
2. Combined core
The combined core is different from the processing and repair, and can reduce the heat treatment deformation. The joint is beneficial to the exhaust, saving material, but the insert dimensional tolerance is higher.

Fourth, the position, support chicken
Chicken function:
1. When opening the mold, ensure the smooth lifting of the position
2. When clamping, ensure that the row position returns to the composite mode state.
3. Ensure that the inclined guide column is not subjected to lateral pressure

Five, the head
1. When the mold is injected, due to the action of the injection pressure, the B plate is easily deformed by the force, usually using the support head.
2. Place the position as much as possible, and as close as possible to the top hole position


 The minimum size of the wall thickness of the plastic parts should meet the following requirements:

1. Have sufficient strength and rigidity;

2. It can withstand the impact and vibration of the demolding mechanism when demoulding;

3. can withstand the fastening force when assembling.

Injection molding

Add plastic to the heating cylinder of the injection molding machine, Heated melted plastic. This drive is through the screw and plunger of the injection molding machine, Inject plastic into the nozzle cavity and injection system of the mold cavity. The plastics are hardened and finalized as injection products due to the physical and chemical effects. Injection moulding is a cycle consisting of injection, holding pressure (cooling) and demoulding process of plastic parts. Therefore, injection moulding has periodic characteristics. Thermoplastic injection moulding has short moulding cycle, high production efficiency, low wear of melt on the mould, and can moulding plastic parts with complex shape, clear surface pattern and marking, and high dimensional accuracy in large quantities. However, for plastic parts with large wall thickness variation, it is difficult to avoid forming defects. Plastic anisotropy is also one of the quality problems. All possible measures should be taken to minimize it.



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Not only do we provide copier plastic injection mold, we can meet any of your injection molds needs.Please feel free to contact us.

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