Plastic Injection Mold For Automotive  accessories,Injection Molding

Plastic Injection Mold For Automotive  accessories,Injection Molding
Plastic Injection Mold For Automotive  accessories,Injection Molding
Plastic Injection Mold For Automotive  accessories,Injection Molding

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Plastic Injection Mold For Automotive accessories,Injection Molding


Precision injection molding needs to meet those aspects

1. It is the equipment for injection molding machine. The injection molding machine is the basis of injection molding. If the foundation is not good, it will not produce good products.

2, the manufacture of molds, the injection molding industry is inseparable from the mold, the mold with good performance can add a lot of points for precision injection molding.

3, injection molding operators, no injection molding engineer, no matter how good the equipment is futile.

4, the procurement of raw materials, the same kind of plastic, the different processes, resulting in different properties of plastic.


Design requirements for injection mold processing:

1. The shape and wall thickness design of the plastic part should be considered whether it is useful for filling the cavity with the flow through, and try not to have sharp corners and notches.

2. The pouring system should have a large section and the process should be straight and short to facilitate uniform dispersion of the fibers.

3, plastic mold core, the cavity should have rigidity and strength.

4, plastic mold should be hardened, polished, selected to be able to grind steel, easy to wear parts should be easy to repair.

5, the introduction should be even and powerful, easy to change.

6, the mold should be provided with an exhaust overflow trough, and should be located in the location where the weld is prone to occur.

Plastic Injection Mold For Automotive  accessories,Injection Molding



automotive accessorise mould1

Automotive  accessories Plastic Injection Mold Production process:

Sample or drawing provided by client →Product 3D design→Design Confirmed→Mould 3Ddesign→Mould machining process→maching CNC machining EDM Machining→Polish→Mould Assembly→Sample Confirmation→Mould Delivery

Typical injection mold design process in Pro/ENGINEER environment, injection mold design process includes the following steps:

(1) Create plastic parts model (also known as three-dimensional modeling);

(2) Create blanks to define the volume of all die parts;

(3) The characteristics and dimensions of the cavity and core are constructed according to different shrinkage, demoulding slope and plastic parts model.

(4) Gating system is formed by adding die assembly features, and parting surface and module are defined.

(5) Define the steps of opening the die and check the interference;

(6) Assemble the die base according to the need to complete the cooling system design;

(7) Complete the parts drawings of all parts;

(8) NC codes of parts are generated according to processing requirements.


At a certain temperature, the fully melted plastic material is stirred by screw, injected into the die cavity by high pressure, and then cooled and cured to obtain the method of forming products. This method is suitable for batch production of complex parts and is one of the important processing methods.


Injection moulding technology refers to the process of making a certain shape of semi-finished products by pressurizing, injecting, cooling and detaching the molten raw materials.

The injection moulding process of plastic parts mainly includes six stages: closing, filling, holding, cooling, opening and demoulding.

Custom-made precision plastic injection molding automotive parts mould

Automotive  accessories Plastic Injection Mould



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