Mechanical plastic parts injection molding

Mechanical plastic parts injection molding
Mechanical plastic parts injection molding
Mechanical plastic parts injection molding

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  • Brand:Kayou
  • Serial Number: K-0011
  • Country of Origin:Shenzhen, China
  • Certificate:ISO9001

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  • Price Quote:$1,000-$100,000
  • Minimum Order: 1 set
  • Average Delivery Time:25 days
  • Payment Method:T/T
  • Package Details:Wooden case
  • Ability to Supply:5 set/Per month
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Mechanical plastic parts injection molding, precision tooling


Structural part editing
1, the composition
The structure of the blow molding, the casting mold and the thermoforming mold is relatively simple.
Compression molding, injection molding and transfer molding are more complicated, and there are many parts that constitute such molds.
The basic parts are:
1 Molded parts, including concave molds, punches, and various forming cores, are all parts of the inner and outer surfaces or upper and lower end faces, side holes, undercuts and threads of the molded product.
2 Supporting fixed parts, including mold base plates, fixing plates, support plates, spacers, etc., for fixing the mold or supporting the pressure.
3 Guide parts, including guide posts and guide sleeves, to determine the relative position of the mold or push mechanism movement.
4 core parts, including oblique pins, sliders, etc., used to extract the movable core when the mold is opened, so that the product is demoulded.
5 The introduction of parts, including push rods, push tubes, push blocks, pusher plates, pusher rings, push rod fixing plates, push plates, etc., to demould the product. The injection molds are promoted by standard mold bases, which are composed of basic parts that have been standardized and serialized in structure, form and size. The mold cavity can be processed according to the shape of the product. The use of standard formwork helps to shorten the molding cycle.
2, the role of common mold base parts
Fixed mold plate (panel): Fix the front mold on the injection molding machine.
Flow channel plate (water plate): remove the waste handle when opening the mold, so that it will fall off automatically (three-plate mold).
Fixed mold fixing plate (A plate): the front part of the molded product.
Dynamic mold fixing plate (B plate): the mold part of the molded product.
Pad: Die foot, its role is to allow the top board to have enough room for movement.
Push plate: When the mold is opened, the product is pushed out from the mold by pushing the parts through the top rod, the top block, the inclined top and the like.
Movable seat plate (base plate): The rear mold is fixed on the injection molding machine.
Guide post and guide sleeve: guide positioning function, auxiliary mold opening and closing, mold and basic positioning.
Support column (head): Improve the strength of the B plate, effectively avoiding the deformation of the B plate caused by long-term production.
Top plate guide column (medium support): Guided positioning push plate to ensure smooth ejection.



Mechanical plastic parts injection molding

Mechanical plastic parts injection molding

Product Description

Our Advantage:

1. High quality, competitive price, quick response is our mission.

2. Professional technical support

3. Good delivery time

4. Strict quality control process

5. Cost-Effective

6. Rich experience in mould design and die casting 

7. ISO/ERP system guarantee



Mechanical plastic parts injection moulding1

Our main business: 
1: Injection mold design and production (Mechanical parts mould - auto parts / electronic parts / industrial products mold)
2: Silicone mold (cake silicone mold / soap) 
3: CNC parts processing 
4: 3D printing products.
17 years experience in manufacturing die casting,stamping,CNC machining,extrusion,injection

Kayou Mould Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002. We are mainly engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of Security products and other electrical products. 

If you are interested in Mechanical plastic parts injection moulding or customized one, please feel free to contact us. We will be pleased to be at your service.

We have plastic mould & injection moulding, electronic assembly facilities. Thus, we are capable of supplying one-stop service from the design to manufacture of various electronic products and home appliances.

We have abundant experience in design and manufacture. The quality equipment and good management earn us a good reputation among clients in Mechanical plastic parts injection moulding, Commercial and Industrial fields. We can offer OEM service. You are welcome to contact us for OEM or ODM cooperation.

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Mechanical plastic parts injection molding



1.Can you only make injection molds?

No.We can also do powder metallurgy mold. Production, assembly of various industries

2.What kind of surface finishes can you do?

Gloss, Polish, Media Blasting, Plating, Texture, Powder Coating

3.What about your OEM service?

We can help you from idea to have deal, design product ,make prototype , make injection mold and mass production, assembly and package ,even ship to your warehouse.

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