Plastic Injection Molding and High Precision Plastic Mold Maker 

Plastic Injection Molding and High Precision Plastic Mold Maker 

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  • Package Details:Wooden Case
  • Ability to Supply:5 set/per month
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Plastic Injection Molding and High Precision Plastic Mould Maker 


Plastic shrinkage and plastic knowledge in injection mold processing

1. Conventional varieties and classification of plastics In daily life, most of the plastics that we can directly touch or perceive are conventional general-purpose plastics. The injection molding process mainly includes five categories: PE, PP, ABS, PC, PS. Plastics occupy the vast majority of plastic raw materials, and the rest can be classified into special plastics such as PPS, PPO, PA, PVC, POM, etc. They are rarely used in daily life products, mainly used in High-end fields such as engineering, defense and technology, such as automotive, aerospace, construction, communications and other fields.

Second, the performance and use of commonly used plastics in injection molding

1. ABS: It is a versatile engineering plastic with outstanding physical and mechanical properties. It is widely used in household appliances, panels, masks, assemblies, accessories, etc., especially household appliances such as washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, Electric fans, etc., are very large in quantity, and in addition to plastic modification, the use is also very wide.

2. PE polyethylene: commonly used polyethylene can be divided into low pressure polyethylene (HDPE), high pressure polyethylene (LDPE) and linear high pressure polyethylene (LLDPE). Among the three, HDPE has better thermal, electrical and mechanical properties, while LDPE. etc. 

3. PP polypropylene: relatively speaking, polypropylene has more varieties, more complex uses, a wide range of fields, mainly homopolymer polypropylene (homopp), daily injection products, pipes, etc. Polypropylene is mainly used in transparent products, high performance products, high performance pipes and so on.

Function of injection system: Its function is to heat and plasticize a certain number of plastics in a specified time in a cycle of the injection machine, and then inject molten plastics into the mould cavity through screw under a certain pressure and speed. After the injection, the melt injected into the cavity is kept in shape.

Composition of injection system: injection system consists of plasticizer and power transfer device.

The plasticizing device of screw injection moulding machine is mainly composed of feeding device, barrel, screw, glue passing component and nozzle. The power transfer device includes injection cylinder, injection base movable cylinder and screw drive device (melt motor).

Plastic Injection Molding and High Precision Plastic Mold Maker 


Plastic Injection Mold Show

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Plastic Part Show

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Factory Show

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1.How do you generally carry out the project?

Customers first give us 3D/2D drawings, materials, quantities and other information.Then send the quotation to the customer, confirm the order and start the mould manufacturing immediately.Immediately after the completion of the manufacture, test the model, send the sample to the customer, deliver the product when satisfied, or produce the product here.

2.How much deposit do you require?

We require the customer to pay a 50% deposit on the order first.

3.What do you think of confidentiality agreements?

Please do not worry.We will strictly abide by the confidentiality agreement and will keep confidential information for customers by default.

4.Do you have an ISO certification?

Yes, we do.


Plastic Injection Molding and High Precision Plastic Mold Maker 


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