Plastic Injection Mold/Household Electronic Injection Mold

Plastic Injection Mold/Household Electronic Injection Mold

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Plastic Injection Mold/Household Electronic Injection Mold


Due to the wide variety of plastics and injection molds, the shape and structure of plastic molds are also different due to the complex structure of plastic moulding machines and plastic products.

LED energy-saving lamp holder injection mold the structural elements to be considered in PBT processing design include parting surface, structural part, mold precision, and pouring system. among them. The parting surface only refers to the contact surface where the die and the punch cooperate with each other when the mold is closed. So, what problems do we need to pay attention to when selecting the parting surface?

1. The die casting should be taken out of the cavity smoothly at the largest section of the outline of the die casting.

2. The surface quality and appearance requirements of the casting and the accuracy of the dimensional shape should be guaranteed.

3, the parting surface should be beneficial to the exhaust and also to prevent overflow.

4. It should facilitate the processing of the mold and simplify its structure.


Technical Requirements for Plastic Mold Design

In order to design an advanced plastic mould, we need a high level of design ideas. Moreover, we must study the product technicality, the characteristics and uses of plastic materials, the selection of die steel, the processing method, the design of die structure, the shaping scheme and the model of injection moulding machine.

It is very necessary to study the technicality of mold design from the angle of mold design and injection molding. Its purpose is to reduce the troubles caused by poor mould technicality.




Plastic Injection Mold/Household Electronic Injection Mold

Household Electronic Injection Mold



About Kayou

Kayou Plastic Mold Manufacturer was established in 2002.  Medical. Household items and mobile phones, DV shaft series. The company implements a “productization” strategy. Supplies series, outdoor sports series, atomizer series, robot series and other products. The company's comprehensive supporting ability is strong, can provide mold design / product design / mold manufacturing, injection molding machine up to 1200T minimum 80T, fuel injection, silk screen, water transfer one-stop service, two-color Haitian new injection molding machine (IA250 tons - IA800 tons) 10 Taiwan, two-color mold design - two-color mold production-two-color mold injection molding, design drawings, etc. can meet the various needs of customers.



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1.In order to complete the production within the deadline, can you suggest the best mold design for me?

Yes, our engineers are experienced and very confident to solve your concerns.

2.How many quantities your factory requires, will help us make products?

Depending on the size of the product and the cost, we can discuss this further.

3.How long has your factory been established?

17 years. Kayou Plastic Mould Manufacturer was founded in 2002.

4.Can you guarantee that there will be no frequent problems in the production process of the mould?

Please be assured that we will perform multiple test tests when we make the plastic injection mold and will send you samples.

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