Plastic Injection Mold/injection molding production/Medical part plastic mold

Plastic Injection Mold/injection molding production/Medical part plastic mold

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Plastic Injection Mold/injection molding production/Medical part plastic mold


Plastic Injection Mold/injection molding production/Medical part plastic mold

Main processing method of mold
The method of processing metal materials into molds mainly includes machining, special processing, plastic processing, casting and welding.
Machining is the main processing tool in the mold manufacturing process, and it mainly guides the traditional cutting process. The main components of the injection mold, such as the panel, the bottom plate, the needle plate, the bottom plate, the support plate, the pallet, the square iron, etc. are all flat parts, and various holes are required to be processed on these parts. Bushings such as guides, guide posts, and guide sleeves are mainly used for machining the inner and outer cylindrical surfaces. In the modern mold industry, like these existing standard parts, in our factory, this part is basically a purchased part.

2. Special processing
Special processing is a non-traditional processing that is different from traditional machining, also called electrical machining. These include spark forming, wire EDM, spot machining, electrochemical polishing, electrolytic polishing, electroforming, chemical etching, ultrasonic machining, and laser processing.
Special processing has the following characteristics with respect to machining:
1) The processing condition is independent of the hardness of the workpiece
2) The tool is generally not in contact with the workpiece, and the machining process does not have to apply significant mechanical force.
3) Machining parts of various complex shapes
4) Easy to automate the process
The above characteristics of special processing make it more and more widely used in mold manufacturing, and become an important method in mold processing. Others include plastic processing, casting, welding, etc., which are not listed here.


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1.What do I need to provide to customize the mold?

1) Provide detailed 2D/3D drawings;

2) 2D drawings need to indicate the tolerance of the key control size;

3) If there is no drawing, please provide the sample;

4) The required die life.

2.Is injection mold manufacturing your core business?

Yes, in addition to  injection moulding production。

3.I don't have a 3D map. Can you help me design and start a new project?

Yes.We will let engineers design according to your ideas.And will give you the best advice

4.How long can I get a quote?

Generally, feedback will be given to you within 24 hours. If it is urgent, the fastest time is within 1 hour.


Please believe that we can produce high quality and high precision molds.

Seventeen years of experience in precision mould manufacturing make us more professional, more comprehensive service, and avoid your worries.

Maybe the products around you are produced by our company's mould, such as Canon camera, Nikon camera, Subaru car and so on.

Please feel free to contact us.We will provide you with professional mold consultation.

Looking forward to cooperating with you.

Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturer——Kayou

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