Plastic Mold, Injection Molding Controller Shell,Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturer

Plastic Mold, Injection Molding Controller Shell,Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturer

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Plastic Mold, Injection Molding Controller Shell,Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturer


Plastic Mold & Injection molding foundation
The plastic is a high-molecular material that can be processed after heating and pressurization. Plastics are natural resins and synthetic resins, and generally refer to synthetic resins made from petroleum.
One of the special features of plastics is deformed after heating, so it can be easily mass-produced for a wide variety of shapes.
Plastics are roughly classified into thermoplastic resins and thermosetting resins, and most of the products are made from these two plastics.
The property of the thermoplastic resin is such that it melts after heating and is cooled in the mold, so that the product is fixed, heated again, and melted.
Although the properties of the thermosetting resin are heated and melted as in the case of the thermoplastic resin, they are solidified after being heated again, and once formed into a solidified state, they are not formed into a melt.
In addition, recently, a plastic called "super engineering plastic" which has the same strength and resistance to heat as metal, and a soft plastic like skin have been developed and used in various fields.

Injection molding
This means that the resin is melted by heating in a heating cylinder, then it is injected into a mold, and then the molten resin is cooled in the mold. The product is manufactured through this project.

What is needed for injection molding
Molding material (resin)
Material dryer (hot air, dehumidification, vacuum)
Injection molding machine
Mold temperature regulator (media: water, oil, heater)
Forming technology

The amount of heat required to raise the temperature of the material to the molding temperature is high, and equipment with a large plasticizing capacity is used.
Five factors of injection molding conditions
Temperature, time, amount (position), speed, pressure. According to the cooperation of five factors, molding conditions will be established.


Temperature Material drying, heating barrel temperature, resin temperature, mold temperature, product removal temperature, room temperature, execution oil, cooling water temperature
Time Material drying time, metering time, filling time, dwell time, cooling time, cycle
Position (quantity) Material loading amount in the hopper, injection start position, injection advance position, injection end position, metering start position, decompression amount, injection amount
Speed Metering speed (screw rotation), injection speed, mold opening speed, ejection speed, decompression speed
Pressure Clamping pressure, filling pressure, holding pressure, metering load pressure, screw back pressure


5. Injection moulding conditions
The molding conditions should confirm how the five factors are set, how the results are obtained, and confirm that the shaped product can be obtained within the set range and the result range.
What is needed on the forming condition table
The set value range and final set value should be clearly stated.
The range of results and the final result should be clearly stated.
The non-existing parts of the product should be clearly stated.


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