Plastic Mold, Plastic Injection Mold & Injection Molding

Plastic Mold, Plastic Injection Mold & Injection Molding

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Plastic Mold, Plastic Injection Mold & Injection Molding


Plastic Mold

Forming condition setting procedure
Before setting conditions
What is important is the use of molding resins, products, and molds.
Confirm resin properties
How much temperature, how much time, how to dry it?
If the drying is insufficient, not only the molding failure but also the physical properties of the product are lowered.

How much temperature can be formed in the temperature range of the resin?
To understand how much temperature will melt, how much temperature will decompose

How much temperature can be formed in the mold temperature?
What is the heat distortion temperature?

What kind of product (mold)
The product is very thick or very thin
Can determine the injection time, cooling time, resin temperature, mold temperature required.

Can you release the mold when the filling is insufficient?
Can judge the injection speed, injection pressure, resin amount requiredMold temperature adjustment method
Confirm water temperature adjustment, oil temperature adjustment or heater temperature adjustment.

Forming preparation
Resin drying
Reconfirm temperature, time, method

Mold installation
Check the vertical direction of the mold and the position (number and size) of the ejector pins, and tighten them diagonally from the fixed side.

Adjustment and confirmation of unlocking mode (jack) action
In order to avoid cycle waste and speed and mold protection, please pay attention to position and pressure.

Mold temperature adjustment (heating)
The mold temperature adjustment method should be connected with the same method each time. In addition, after the temperature rise, it is necessary to confirm the operation of the unlocking mold again.

Cleaning in the heating cylinder
When replacing the material in the heating cylinder with the material to be formed, clean it.
When the resin melting temperature to be used is higher than the resin used last time, it is set to the lower limit temperature of the resin to be used.
When the molding temperature range is different, the resin is changed to a stable resin having the same molding temperature of both resins, and then washed again.
When hot runner molds are used, cleaning in the mold manifold is required after mold opening.

Set the temperature association condition again
Mold temperature
Regularly measure the actual temperature of the mold and write it down
Set the value again as needed.

Heating cylinder temperature
Check if the measured temperature deviates from the set value
When the nozzle temperature changes
Perform automatic adjustment and set the most suitable control constant
Late temperature is easy to fall
Limit the water flow under the hopper (injection table), increase the temperature below the hopper to support the thickness temperature

Number of screw rotations (VS)
Probably set to the number of rotations that end in the cooling time.
If the screw rotates too fast, a transitional shear heat will occur, causing the resin to burn and decompose. Please be careful.

Screw back pressure (PB)
As the resistance of the screw back, plus the screw back pressure.
Although the back pressure is used to improve the degassing, stirring effect, and resin density stability during plasticization, if the pressure is too high, the plasticizing time is too long, and the resin temperature rises due to shear heat. .

Decompression (SD)
When the nozzle is opened, it is the purpose of the pressure-reducing surface of the resin after the measurement, and as the minimum stroke, the pressure reduction rate is changed to the degree of the retraction speed of the screw, and the resin density can be easily stabilized.

Reconfirm other forming environments
External cooling
The cooling of the molded article is not only in the mold, but also after the product is taken out, it is lowered to between normal temperatures, and is also cooled as an off-die cooling.
It is also important to cool the product after it has been removed in a certain environment. If the external cooling environment changes, the dimensional changes and deformation of the product will occur.

After the sprue, runner, etc. are crushed, they can be reused. However, if the particle size is unstable, the plasticized state will not be stable, and the balance of the molding conditions will be lost.



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Plastic Mold, Plastic Injection Mold & Injection Molding


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