Plastic Injection Mold, Injection Molding Production

Plastic Injection Mold, Injection Molding Production

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Plastic Injection Mold, Injection Molding Production


Injection molding process
In the injection molding production, a certain technical method is used to link the plastic raw materials, the injection equipment and the mold used for injection to form a production capacity. This method is called an injection molding process.

Process performance of thermoplastics
1. Plastic molding shrinkage
Plastic shrinkage:
Refers to the fact that the plastic part is taken out of the mold to cause dimensional shrinkage.
Plastic molding shrinkage:
The shrinkage of the plastic parts related to the thermal expansion and contraction properties of the plastic itself, the mold structure and the molding process conditions are collectively referred to as molding shrinkage.
The principle of shrinkage selection:
For plastics with a small range of shrinkage, the intermediate value can be taken according to the range of shrinkage. This value is called the average shrinkage.
For plastics with a wide range of shrinkage, the shrinkage should be determined according to the shape of the part, especially according to the wall thickness of the product. The upper limit (large value) of the wall thickness and the lower limit (small value) of the wall thickness.
The shrinkage rate of each part of the part is not the same, and should be selected according to the actual situation.
Plastics with a large amount of shrinkage can be determined using existing or material supply department charts that calculate shrinkage. Data such as the actual shrinkage of the plastic and the corresponding molding process conditions can also be collected and then estimated by comparison. If necessary, a test mold should be designed and manufactured to measure the shrinkage of the plastic under similar molding conditions.

2. Plasticity of liquidity
Plastic fluidity:
An indicator comparing the difficulty of plastic molding processing, like the viscosity, depends on the molding conditions and the properties of the polymer.
Indicators for measuring the liquidity of plastics indicators:
The relative molecular mass of the polymer, the melt index, the Archimedes spiral length, the apparent viscosity, and the flow ratio (flow length / product wall thickness). The relative molecular mass is small, the melt index is high, the length of the spiral is long, the apparent viscosity is small, and the flow ratio is large, and the fluidity is good.
The fluidity of commonly used thermoplastics is divided into three categories.
Good fluidity, including nylon, polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene, cellulose acetate.
Generally, there are ABS, plexiglass, polyoxymethylene, and polychlorinated ether.
Poor fluidity, including polycarbonate, hard polyvinyl chloride, polyphenylene ether, polysulfone, fluoroplastic.

The fluidity of the plastic changes with the change of the molding process conditions. When the melt forming temperature is high, the fluidity is good, and the injection pressure has a large fluidity. The mold structure also affects the size of the fluidity. The injection molding process can also be adjusted to meet the quality requirements of the part by controlling factors such as temperature, mold temperature, injection pressure and injection rate.


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Plastic Injection Mold, Injection Molding Production


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