Plastic Mold, Plastic Injection Mold & Injection Molding Electronic product

Plastic Mold, Plastic Injection Mold & Injection Molding Electronic product

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Plastic Mold, Plastic Injection Mold & Injection Molding Electronic product


Plastic Mold

Injection molding principle and process

The basic principle: using the squeezability and moldability of plastic, the loose pellets or powder molding materials are sent from the hopper of the injection machine into the high temperature barrel to be heated and melted, so that it becomes a viscous flow melting. The body is injected into the lower temperature closed mold through the nozzle at the front end of the barrel at a large flow rate under the high pressure of the plunger or the screw. After a set pressure holding cooling and setting time, the mold can be opened from the mold cavity. The plastic parts with a certain shape and size are taken out.

First, preparation before production
Raw material pretreatment
Analyze and test the quality of the formed material
According to the process characteristics of the material for injection molding, the water content, appearance color, particle condition, presence or absence of impurities and the thermal stability, fluidity and shrinkage of the material are tested. If there is a problem in the test, it should be resolved in time. For powdered materials, it is often necessary to prepare granules before injection molding, so the inspection should be carried out after the ingredients are processed.

Function: Add a substance called colorant or colorant to the plastic molding material, and use this material to change the original color of the plastic or impart special optical properties to the plastic.

Colorants are classified into two major categories of dyes and pigments according to their ability to disperse in plastics.

Dyes: It has the characteristics of strong tinting strength, bright color and complete chromatogram, but it is less used in plastics due to poor stability to heat, light and chemicals. When plastic molding temperature is not high and it is hoped that the products are transparent, A heat-resistant hydrazine and an azo dye are used.

Pigment: Primary colorant. It is further divided into inorganic and organic pigments according to chemical composition.
Inorganic pigments: High stability to heat, light and chemicals, and low in price, but the color is not very bright, can only be used for the coloring of opaque plastic parts.

Organic pigments: The coloring properties are between dyes and inorganic pigments. The stability to heat, light and chemicals is generally inferior to that of inorganic pigments. However, the color of the pigmented parts is more vivid, and the color of the pigment can be colored at a low concentration. Translucent parts.

Process realization of powdered or granular thermoplastic coloring: direct and indirect methods.

Preheat drying
Purpose: In order to remove excessive moisture and volatiles in the material, prevent defects such as bubbles and silver streaks in the molded product, and also avoid water degradation during injection.

For the molding material which is not strong in moisture absorption or viscosity, if the package is stored well, it is not necessary to preheat dry.

The method of preheating the dried molding material: 1 is carried out in an air circulating drying oven. 2 kinds of varieties, small batch materials, can also be preheated and dried by simple equipment such as circulating hot air, infrared and far infrared. 3 Large-volume materials can be used as a dehumidifying dryer or a vacuum drying method. 4 Plastics that are easily oxidatively discolored at high temperatures (such as polyamide) can be vacuum dried. 5 Adopting a new hopper drying process to connect the drying equipment to the injection machine, simplifying the production process and preventing the hygroscopic plastic from absorbing moisture again.



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Plastic Mold, Plastic Injection Mold & Injection Molding

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