Injection Molding Part, Plastic Mold & Plastic Injection Mold

Injection Molding Part, Plastic Mold & Plastic Injection Mold

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Injection Molding Part, Plastic Mold & Plastic Injection Mold


The mold used for plastic injection molding is called an injection molding mold, and is simply referred to as an injection mold. The plastic injection molding process is to inject the plasticized plastic melt into the closed mold cavity at a certain pressure and rate by means of the thrust of the screw or the plunger in the injection machine, after cooling, solidifying and shaping. The mold is opened to obtain the product. When the parameters of the plastic raw material, the injection machine and the injection molding process are determined, the quality of the product and the productivity of the injection molding depend substantially on the type of construction and the working characteristics of the injection mold.

Injection molding plays an important role in the neutrality of the production of plastic products. With the exception of a few plastics, almost all of the cover materials can be produced by injection molding. It is estimated that injection molded articles account for one-third of the total production of all molded products: injection molds account for more than one-half of the number of plastic-formed peaches.

Injection mold composition
The injection mold consists of two parts: a moving mold and a fixed mold. The movable mold is mounted on the moving table of the injection machine, and the fixed mold is mounted on the fixed work surface of the injection machine. After the moving mold and the fixed mold are closed, the plasticized plastic is injected into the mold cavity through the casting system to be cooled, solidified and shaped. Usually, after the injection mold is separated, the product is retained on the side of the movable mold, and the product is pushed out from the mold by a demolding mechanism disposed in the movable mold.

Formed parts
Means a mold part or component that forms a mold cavity, is in direct contact with a plastic melt, and shapes the article. There are usually parts or components such as punches, cores, forming bars, dies, inserts, and the like. After the movable mold and the fixed mold are closed, the formed parts define the inner and outer contours and dimensions of the product.
Gating system
The feed channel from the injector nozzle to the cavity is called the gating system. It usually consists of a main runner, a runner, a gate, and a cold pocket.

Guidance and positioning mechanism
In order to ensure accurate alignment and positioning alignment when the movable mold and the fixed mold are closed, it is necessary to separately provide a guide post and a guide sleeve on the movable mold and the fixed mold. The deep cavity injection mold should also be provided with a cone positioning device on the main parting surface. In addition, in order to ensure the movement and positioning of the demolding mechanism, a guiding mechanism is usually also provided between the push plate and the movable platen.

Demoulding mechanism
The demolding mechanism refers to a mechanism for removing the product from the mold at a later stage of the mold opening process.

Lateral split core pulling mechanism
Articles with undercuts or side holes must be laterally typed to extract the lateral core before being removed from the mold.

Humidity control system
In order to meet the mold temperature requirements of the injection molding process, the mold should be provided with a cooling or heating humidity conditioning system. The cooling of the mold mainly adopts the circulating water cooling method. The heating of the mold has hot water, steam, hot oil and heating elements, and some injection molds must also be equipped with automatic mold temperature adjustment devices.

Exhaust system
In order to discharge the gas escaping from the original air and the plastic melt in the cavity during the injection molding process, an exhaust groove is often formed on the mold parting surface. When the amount of exhaust gas in the cavity is not large, the air can be directly exhausted by using the gap between the parting surfaces, or the movable gap between the push rod of the mold and the matching hole can be exhausted. Large injection molds should be pre-set with a venting groove.


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Injection Molding Part, Plastic Mold & Plastic Injection Mold

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