Plastic Mould for Automotive Part, plastic injection mould

Plastic Mould for Automotive Part, plastic injection mould

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Plastic Mould for Automotive Part, plastic injection mould


Plastic Mould

Injection molding principle and process
Injection molding principle and characteristics

Injection molding principle

The principle of injection molding is a screw injection machine. The granular or powdered plastic is added to the external barrel through the hopper. The barrel is equipped with an electric heating ring. The granular or powdered plastic is plasticized under the action of the screw. Before moving, the plastic which is heated and pre-molded is transported through the spiral groove to the vicinity of the nozzle at the front end of the barrel by the rotating screw; the rotation of the screw further plasticizes the plastic, and the temperature of the material is further improved by the action of shear friction heat. The plastic is evenly plasticized.

When the melt accumulated at the front end of the barrel exerts a certain pressure on the screw, the screw retreats in rotation until it contacts the adjusted travel switch, and the plastic is pre-molded and stored (ie, the reserve of molten plastic at the front of the barrel) End. Then the injection hydraulic cylinder starts to work, and the screw connected with the piston of the hydraulic cylinder injects the molten material into the closed mold cavity of the lower temperature through the nozzle at the front end of the cylinder at a certain speed and pressure; the pressure is maintained for a certain time, after being cooled and solidified The shape given by the mold cavity can be maintained: then the mold is opened and the injection molded plastic part is pushed out of the cavity by the pushing mechanism.

Injection molding features

Injection molding has a short molding cycle, high production efficiency, and can form a plastic part with complicated shape, accurate size, and metal or non-metal inserts at one time, which is easy to realize production automation. So far, almost all thermoplastics except for fluoroplastics can be formed by spray molding. In addition, some thermosetting plastics with good fluidity can also be formed by this method. Therefore, injection molding is widely used in the production of various plastics, and its output accounts for about 30% of the total amount of plastic products.

Injection molding process
Preparation before molding
Inspection and pretreatment of raw materials
Inspection of raw materials. Pretreatment of raw materials.
Barrel cleaning
In the production process, the raw materials need to be replaced. When the color is changed or the plastic is found to be decomposed, the injection machine barrel should be cleaned or replaced.
For plastic parts with inserts, the inserts should be preheated first; for plastic parts that are difficult to release, the mold release agent should be selected.

Injection process
The injection process can be divided into several stages, such as filling, holding, backflow, cooling and demoulding after the gate is frozen.

Post processing of plastic parts
The plastic injection part is allowed to stand in a liquid medium (such as hot water, hot mineral oil, glycerin, glycerol, liquid paraffin, etc.) at a certain temperature or in a hot air circulation oven for a while, and then slowly cooled.

Humidity treatment
The plastic part just released from the mold is placed in boiling water or potassium acetate aqueous solution to isolate the air, prevent oxidation of the plastic parts, speed up the moisture absorption balance, and stabilize the color, performance, shape and size of the plastic parts as soon as possible. Post-processing methods.

Injection molding process conditions
In the injection molding process, the temperature to be controlled is three temperatures, such as barrel temperature, nozzle temperature, and mold temperature. The temperature of the barrel and the temperature of the nozzle mainly affect the plasticization and flow of the plastic, and the temperature of the mold affects the flow and cooling of the plastic.

Plasticizing pressure
Plasticizing pressure, also known as back pressure, refers to the pressure that the screw head melt receives when the screw is rotated when it is injected by a screw injection machine.

Injection pressure
Injection pressure refers to the pressure exerted by the head on the plastic melt when the plunger or screw moves axially during injection.

Holding pressure
After the type control is full, the pressure applied to the molten material in the mold is called the holding pressure.

Time (forming cycle)
Clamping time
Refers to the time the mold is closed before injection.
Injection time
Means the time from the start of injection to the filling of the mold cavity (plunger or screw advance time)
compress time
Is the time to continue to apply pressure after the cavity is full
In-mold cooling time
Refers to the time required for the plastic parts to remain in pressure until the mold is opened.
other time
Refers to the time of mold opening, demoulding, spraying release agent, inserting inserts, etc.


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Plastic Mould for Automotive Part, plastic injection mould

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