Injection Molding Plastic Shell, Plastic Mold/Plastic Injection Mold

Injection Molding Plastic Shell, Plastic Mold/Plastic Injection Mold

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Injection Molding Plastic Shell, Plastic Mold/Plastic Injection Mold


Injection Molding Plastic Shell

Injection molding process conditions
Injection molding process conditions mainly refer to temperature, time, pressure, speed and position during forming.
The temperature to be controlled during the injection molding process includes the raw material drying temperature, the barrel temperature, the nozzle temperature, and the mold temperature. The barrel temperature is the main basis for determining the plasticizing quality of plastics. The barrel temperature is low and the plasticization is insufficient. If the barrel temperature is too high, the plastic may decompose.
The choice of barrel temperature is related to the characteristics of various plastics. The temperature distribution should generally follow the principle of high front and low, that is, the temperature at the rear end of the barrel is the lowest, and the temperature at the front end of the nozzle is the highest.

The nozzle temperature should be controlled to prevent the plastic from "flowing". The nozzle temperature is typically slightly below the maximum barrel temperature. Mold temperature has a great influence on the filling ability of plastic melt and the intrinsic performance and appearance quality of plastic parts.
The mold temperature is high, the fluidity of the plastic melt is good, and the density and crystallinity of the plastic parts are increased. However, the shrinkage rate of the plastic parts and the warpage deformation of the plastic parts after demolding will increase, and the cooling time of the plastic parts will change. Long, productivity declines.
The lower the mold temperature, the faster the heat loss due to heat conduction, and the lower the temperature of the melt, the worse the fluidity. This phenomenon is especially noticeable when using lower injection rates.

Drying temperature
Definition: The temperature required to dry the polymer beforehand to ensure the quality of the molding.
Role: to ensure that the moisture content of the polymer is as low as possible without exceeding the allowable limits.

Setting principles
The polymer does not decompose or agglomerate (polymerize);
Drying time should be as short as possible, and the drying temperature should be as low as possible without affecting its drying effect;
Drying temperatures and times vary by material.

Barrel temperature
Definition: The temperature applied to the tube to ensure smooth forming.
Role: to ensure that the plasticization of the polymer (melting) is good, smooth filling, molding.
Setting principles
Does not cause plastic decomposition and carbonization;
From the feeding section to the nozzle in turn;
The nozzle temperature should be slightly lower than the temperature of the front section of the barrel;
The required temperature varies depending on the type of material;
Do not have a bad quality impact on the product.
Mold temperature
Definition: cavity surface temperature to which the article is exposed
Role: Control affects the cooling rate of the product in the mold cavity, as well as the apparent quality of the product.

Setting principles
Consider the properties of the polymer.
Consider the size and shape of the product.
Consider the structure of the mold, the sprue system.

Drying time
Definition: The time required to dry the material in advance using a dryer.
Improve surface gloss, improve bending and tensile strength, and avoid internal cracks and bubbles;
Improve plasticizing ability, shorten molding cycle (3) Reduce moisture and moisture in raw materials
Setting principles:
Drying time varies from raw material to raw material;
The setting of drying time should be suitable. If it is too long, the drying efficiency will be reduced or even the raw materials will be agglomerated. If it is too short, the drying effect will be poor.

Melt time
The time required for the screw to reach the end of metering after the injection is terminated
Role: to ensure that the glue is fully

Setting principle
Controlled by screw speed and back pressure;
Do not allow the molten plastic body to stay in the screw for too long, so as not to cause the plastic to decompose and carbonize under long-term high temperature conditions.

Injection time
The time it takes for the melt to fill the entire cavity
The injection time is determined by factors such as the injection pressure, the injection speed, and the size of the product.

Setting principles:
The injection time is as short as possible under the condition of ensuring the molding of the product;
The injection time is affected by factors such as material temperature and mold temperature.

Compress time
In order to prevent plastic backflow after injection and cooling and feeding, the pressure applied after injection molding is continued.
Prevent the melt from flowing backward after injection molding;
The shrinkage effect of cooling shrinkage.
Setting principles:
The holding time varies depending on the thickness of the product;
The holding time varies depending on the temperature of the melt. The longer the temperature is, the shorter the time is, and the lower is shorter.
In order to improve production efficiency, it is possible to make the warranty time as short as possible while ensuring the quality of the product.


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Injection Molding Plastic Shell, Plastic Mold/Plastic Injection Mold

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