Motor fan blade plastic mold, Injection molding and plastic injection mold

Motor fan blade plastic mold, Injection molding and plastic injection mold

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Motor Fan Blade Plastic Mold, Injection Molding and Plastic Injection Mold


Motor Fan Blade Plastic Mold

Post processing of plastic parts
After the plastic part is demoulded, it can not be put into use directly, and some processing is needed. Because this treatment is carried out after molding and demoulding, it is called post-treatment.
After the plastic parts are demolded, the plastic parts always have some extra things such as sprue flashes, which are disadvantageous to the appearance and use of the plastic parts, so they need to be removed. This removal is relatively simple and generally available. Manually operate some simple tools to remove it

Heat treatment
The purpose of heat treatment. Due to the uneven plasticization of the plastic in the cylinder or the different cooling rate in the cavity, the plastic part is often unevenly crystallized, oriented and shrunk, resulting in internal stress in the plastic part. The quality of the piece is extremely harmful, and the most common way to eliminate this internal stress is to heat the plastic part.
The mechanism of heat treatment to eliminate internal stress. The reason why the heat treatment can eliminate the internal stress is mainly due to the mechanism.
By heating, the strongly frozen macromolecular bond is relaxed, and the solidified macromolecular bond is turned to a random position, thereby eliminating this part of the internal stress.
The crystallinity is increased and the crystal structure is stabilized, thereby improving the physical properties of the crystalline plastic article and reducing the internal stress.

Heat treatment method. The plastic parts are placed in a liquid medium (water mineral oil, glycerin, ethylene glycol, etc.) or a hot air circulating oven at a certain temperature. After heating for a while, they are taken out and slowly cooled to room temperature.
Heat treatment temperature. Generally, the heat treatment temperature should be controlled to be higher than the temperature of the plastic parts by 10 to 20 ° C, or lower than the heat distortion temperature of the plastic parts by 10 to 20 ° C. If the temperature is too high, the plastic parts will warp or deform, and the temperature will be too low to eliminate the internal stress.
Heat treatment time. The heat treatment time depends on the type of plastic, the shape of the plastic part and the molding process conditions. Generally, the greater the rigidity of the molecular bond, the thicker the wall of the plastic part and the longer the heat treatment time. In order to achieve the elimination of the internal stress of the plastic parts.

Humidity treatment
The purpose of the humidity control treatment is to isolate the plastic parts from air, prevent oxidation, accelerate the moisture absorption balance, and stabilize the size.
The humidity control time depends on the shape, thickness and crystallinity of the plastic part, usually in a few hours.
The temperature of the humidity treatment. The humidity control treatment is to treat the plastic part just released from the hot water for treatment. The hot water temperature is generally 80~100 °C, the high heat distortion temperature takes a large value, and the low one takes a small value.
When the humidity conditioning treatment is carried out, it must be slowly cooled to room temperature after reaching the required temperature and time. If the speed is too fast, new internal stress will be generated.

Surface printing, electroplating, ultrasonic welding, etc.
The application principle of ultrasonic in plastic processing:
Ultrasonic waves used in plastic processing, several existing operating frequencies are 15KHZ, 18KHZ, 20KHZ, 40KHZ, and the like. The principle is to use the peak position of the longitudinal wave to transmit the amplitude to the gap of the plastic part. Under the condition of pressure, the molecules of the two plastic parts or other parts in contact with the plastic part collide with each other to melt, so that the contact plastic is fused. Processing purposes.


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Motor Fan Blade Plastic Mold, Injection Molding and Plastic Injection Mold

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