LED Light Cover Injection Mold and Plastic Injection Mold, Plastic Mold

LED Light Cover Injection Mold and Plastic Injection Mold, Plastic Mold

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LED Light Cover Injection Mold and Plastic Injection Mold, Plastic Mold


LED Light Cover Injection Mold

Injection molding: referred to as injection molding
The plastic is stirred into the heating barrel of the injection machine through the screw rod to plasticize, and the flow state is reached. The screw is gradually retracted during the rotation process, and the plastic is accumulated forward. When the screw stops rotating, the injection piston is injected through the screw. The forming process of the article is formed into the cavity of the closed mold.

Three elements and five principles of injection molding
Three elements: forming materials (plastics), injection molding machines and molds
Five principles: forming pressure, speed, temperature, time, stroke
Classification of plastics, divided into two categories
Thermoplastic: plasticized when heated, suspected to form when cooled, and repeatedly deformed when temperature changes
Thermosetting plastic: plasticized and softened when heated, chemical reaction occurs, and solidified and formed. When heated and then heated, no plastic deformation occurs. If the temperature continues to rise, decomposition will occur.

Simple identification method for commonly used plastics
Appearance identification method: PE, PP, PA and other plastics have different degrees of versatile, hand-touched with a hard waxy slippery feel, soft keratin sound when knocking, compared with PS, ABS, PC, PMMA and other plastics No malleability, the hand touches just sexy, the sound is crisper when knocking.
The relative density of PE and PP is less than that of water, floating on the surface of water, and the relative density of most plastics such as HiPS is sinking in water.
The difference between PS and HiPS and ABS: mainly the brittleness of the former, the toughness of the latter two, the former is easy to be brittle when the sample is folded in the bay, the latter two are difficult to break, and the hinged part is caused by the molecular stretching orientation. White, the crack is particularly obvious. For example, the scent that occurs when the bay fold heat is repeated many times.

Plastic structure, dimensional accuracy
The knot design of the plastic part includes its internal structural design and external structure (formation) design
Shape: The geometry of the plastic part should be as close as possible to the principle of forming, that is, as far as possible, the complicated valve parting and side core pulling are not used when the plastic part is taken out.
Stripping slope: Due to the shrinkage of the plastic enamel, it is necessary to prevent the plastic parts from being pulled or scratched during demolding. When designing the plastic parts, it must be considered that the inner and outer surfaces of the plastic parts should have sufficient drafting angle along the demolding direction. The common draft angle is 1-1°30, and the convex or rib on the plastic part should have a twist of 4~5. When the plastic parts are not used, the draft angle should be larger.

Wall thickness: The wall thickness of the plastic part is related to the use requirements and process requirements. Therefore, it is important to choose the wall thickness of the plastic part reasonably. In use, the wall thickness is required to have sufficient strength and rigidity; the demolding mechanism can withstand the impact and vibration of the demolding mechanism; the assembly can withstand the fastening force and is not deformed or damaged in the connecting wheel. At present, the thickness of the vacant position of the DISCMAN bottom case IC cannot be less than 1.2mm, and the thickness of the bottom case of the large model cannot be less than 3mm.
It is usually unreasonable to increase the strength of the plastic part by increasing the wall thickness. Because the wall thickness is limited in the process, the reinforcing rib can be used to increase the strength of the plastic part, even the plastic part. The wall thickness is uniform, the material is saved, the strength is increased, and defects such as bubbles, shrinkage holes, and deformation can be avoided.
Support surface
It is unreasonable to use the entire bottom surface as the supporting surface, because the plastic part is slightly warped or deformed to make the bottom surface uneven, and is usually supported by a frame support or a foot (three or four shadows).
Plastic parts with sharp corners sometimes cause stress concentration at the sharp corners, which affects the strength of the plastic. At the same time, dents or bubbles appear, which affects the appearance quality. All the fish should be excessively arced, which not only avoids Stress concentration, lifting strength, and increase the appearance, is conducive to the flow of plastic filling, the radius of the fillet is generally not less than 0.5mm.
Hole position
The holes in the plastic part are formed by the core of the mold, but the holes which are easy to process in the process should be used. The commonly used holes are usually through holes, blind holes, and complicated shapes.
Threads on plastic parts can be molded directly during molding or after molding, and metal thread inserts should be used for frequent handling and stress.
Plastic gears should be widely used in the electronics industry, and are currently used for gear transmissions where accuracy and strength are not critical. Commonly used plastics are nylon, polycarbonate, polyoxymethylene, and the like. In order to avoid stress during assembly, the shaft bore should be as far as possible without an interference fit with a transition fit.
The purpose of inserting the insert is to add strength, hardness, wear resistance, electrical conductivity, material of the magnetically conductive insert to the colored or ferrous metal, glass, wood, and the like. Among them, the metal insert is used most commonly. In order to prevent the insert from rotating or pulling when the force is applied, the surface of the insert should be knurled or hexagonal.

Marks, symbols, and carvings on plastic parts
There are three forms:
For the plastic part is a convex word, the word on the mold is concave, and the mold manufacturing is convenient. However, it is easy to wear during polishing or use.
The plastic part is a concave word, and the word on the mold is a convex type. This type of mold is difficult to manufacture.
The plastic part is a convex type, and there is a concave decoration frame around the convex word, that is, a concave convex type. In this case, a single concave type mold can be used to insert into the mold, and the bonding line around the mosaic is usually used as a frame.



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LED Light Cover Injection Mold and Plastic Injection Mold, Plastic Mold


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