Plastic Mold injection molding manufacturer plastic parts

Plastic Mold injection molding manufacturer plastic parts

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Plastic Mold injection molding manufacturer plastic parts


Plastic Mold injection molding manufacturer plastic parts

Pressure and Speed Range Setting of Injection Molding

Pressure is formed by "pushing back and forth"

The setting of injection pressure must ensure that the melt fills the cavity at a controlled speed.

The function of holding pressure is to supplement the backward flow near the gate source, reduce the energy requirement of injection moulding machine, prevent product flying edge, reduce the internal stress and weight of products, and also make the weight and size of finished products change slightly and obtain products with higher strength.

Internal stress: It is the expansive force produced by the force exerted on the structure of polymer flash.

The setting of injection speed affects the quality of injection moulding and degumming and the heat acting on plastics.

The setting of injection speed is necessary to ensure that the melt fills the die cavity before the injection.

The function of back pressure is to improve plasticizing ability and uniformity of melt.

The setting of the stop position of the melt will affect the stability of the force, the speed of evasion and the magnitude of the loss force.

Injection pressure

The injection pressure for products depends on the type of plastics, the type of injection moulding machine, the structure of the mould, the wall thickness of the products and the workpiece, and the selection principle of injection pressure.

Plastic shape with good moulding fluidity, simple wall thickness products, lower injection pressure

The melt viscosity is low, the shape of the product is general, and the injection pressure is moderate for products with certain requirements for accuracy.

For products with high or medium melt viscosity, general shape and high precision, injection pressure should be higher.

Products with high melt viscosity, long thin-walled flow, uneven wall thickness, strict precision requirements, and high injection pressure. The injection pressure is set to ensure that the melt fills the die cavity at a controlled speed. It doesn't mean that the greater the pressure, the less shrinkage it will be.

Packing pressure

Pressure holding pressure directly affects the unbalance of weight, size and internal stress of products. Lower pressure holding can improve the strength of products. Expert practice has proved that the general product pressure-holding position is usually set at 95-98% of the mold filled with soil.

The function of back pressure is to improve plasticizing ability and melt uniformity. The general pressure is adjusted by 10 bar.

High pressure injection speed: refers to the moving speed of screw during injection. Generally, low pressure and slow speed injection should be used as far as possible. High speed injection should be used in the following situations:

Material with high melt viscosity and narrow forming temperature range

Material with Fast Cooling Speed in Molding

Material with long process;

Glass fiber reinforced products.

Melt speed: closely related to back pressure

The optimum melt speed is 1-2 shift bell stop before cooling (i.e. before opening the mould), because the melt speed affects the forming and stability and the heat acting on the plastic. When the screw rotates at high speed, the friction transferring to the plastic also increases, and the non-uniformity of melt temperature is added. If the melt speed is low, the melt temperature uniformity is good, there will be a stable temperature in injection molding. 。 9. Melt stop position setting

Usually, the stop position of the melt glue is set to be 1 mm larger than the glue volume stroke required for the product. This stroke can escape enough and stable pressure to the die cavity, reduce the loss pressure of the machine (friction between the melt and the barrel) and reduce the large explosive grate caused by improper adjusting of the machine.

Molding cycle

It refers to the time required to complete an injection process, including (a) injection time, filling time and holding time; b; settling time; c; other time, such as opening and taking products, demoulding agent, insertion and closing time. In order to shorten the forming cycle and improve the production efficiency, the following measures can be considered

Prebaking with hopper dryer

Adjust the feeding quantity to frustrate the minimum cushion

Strengthen the freezing water of the mould;

Wall thickness product immersion

Shaping with fixture

Adjust forming limit opening and closing to minimize assistant time

The method of adjusting operation conditions is to adjust operation conditions reliably to solve most of the problems, except for some of which are caused by machine performance, mold design or raw material characteristics. Operating conditions must be noted:

Every time one factor sees the result change another.

After adjustment, it must be observed for a period of time. When the operation is stable, the pressure will be known within one or two beers, while the time is the temperature ripple, which needs to be observed for ten minutes before the result is stable.

Familiarize yourself with the possible causes of various shortcomings and the factors and directions of excellent display

The steps of adjusting the machine are as follows:

Observe the size of the product, measure the weight of the product, and set the approximate rubber travel.

Understand the direction of the product flow and the need for multi-stage injection speed (so that you can distinguish the interesting causes and risks of the problem)

Pressure holding setting: setting of melt stop position; setting of forming cycle time; setting of melt speed.



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Plastic Mold injection molding manufacturer plastic parts

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