Printer Plastic mold, injection moulding and plastic injection mold, plastic part

Printer Plastic mold, injection moulding and plastic injection mold, plastic part

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Printer Plastic mold, injection molding and plastic injection mold, plastic part


Printer Plastic mold

Working Cycle and Technology of Injection Molding

Work cycle

Metrology: Forming a certain size of plastic parts, using a certain amount of granular plastic.

Plasticization: Fill the cavity with molten plastic.

Injection Mold Filling: The molten plastic is injected into the moulds under injection pressure.

Pressure-holding compaction (pre-cooling): After filling the molten plastic, the material needed for cooling shrinkage of the product is added to the cavity.

Cooling of products: After the result of holding pressure, the products begin to enter the formal cooling and setting stage.

Mould opening: After the product is cooled and shaped, the clamping assembly of the injection machine drives the mould part to be separated from the fixed part, that is, to open the mould.

Top parts: ejection mechanism of injection machine ejects plastic parts.

Removal: Remove plastic parts by hand or manipulator

Mold closing device of injection machine closes and tightens the mould.

Molding process

Preparation for forming production:

The inspection and pretreatment of raw materials;

Preheating and drying of raw materials;

Clear and clear materials;

Selection of release agent (commonly used in three kinds: zinc stearate, liquid paraffin, namely white oil, silicone oil)

Injection process: including feeding, plasticizing, injection, holding pressure, cooling and demoulding. In fact, there are two main processes: plasticization, flow and cooling.

Plasticization: Plastics are heated in the barrel to flow state and have good plasticity process.

Flow and cooling finalization: plunger or screw propels plasticized plastic melt to inject and discard the full-filled cavity, and the melt is cooled and solidified under pressure until the whole process of plastic product demoulding.

Mold stage,

Compaction stage,

Backflow stage,

Cooling stage of gate after freezing.

Influencing factors of injection moulding process

Material temperature

When choosing the material temperature in the forming process, attention should be paid to:

It can ensure the good plasticization of the material and not lead to the degradation of the baking part of the plastic.

Residence time of plastics in heater

Characteristics of product and die structure

Mold Temperature: Should pay attention to the frustration in (generally 40C to 60C)

The mold temperature should be lower than the glass transition temperature of plastics or the temperature which is not easy to cause the deformation of products, but the mold temperature of products should be slightly higher than the mold temperature.

In order to ensure the integrity and quality of the products during filling, different mould temperatures should be used for different plastic melts.

When the mold temperature is low, the orientation of polymer molecule is great, the stress in the product is high, and the mechanical strength of the product is improved, but the elongation and impact strength are decreased. Because the filling time and cooling time of the thick-walled product are too long, the foam and shrinkage will form inside, and the internal force will be caused, so the thick-walled product does not use too low mold.



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Printer Plastic mold, injection molding and plastic injection mold, plastic part

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