Automotive plastic mold injection molding plastic injection mold auto parts

Automotive plastic mold injection molding plastic injection mold auto parts

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Automotive plastic mold injection molding plastic injection mold auto parts


Automotive plastic mold injection molding

Injection molding temperature, pressure, speed, time impact on the product
The temperature of the material is greater than the flow temperature (melting point) of the plastic and less than the decomposition temperature of the plastic.
When the material temperature is too high:
The plastic is easily decomposed to produce a low-divided compound, which is decomposed into a gas, so that the surface of the plastic is discolored, and bubbles, silver filaments and spots are formed, resulting in a decrease in performance.
The material temperature is high, the plastic inside and outside of the cavity is inconsistently cooled, and internal stress and dent are easily generated.
The melt has a high temperature, good fluidity, easy overflow, and the like.
When the temperature of the barrel is too low:
Low material temperature, poor fluidity, easy to produce weld lines, insufficient molding, corrugation and other defects
Unplasticized, easy to produce lumps or stiff blocks.
The material temperature is low, and when the plastic cools, internal stress is easily generated, and the plastic part is easily deformed or cracked.

Nozzle temperature:
The temperature is too high and the plastic is prone to decomposition.
The temperature is too low, the nozzle is easy to block, and it is easy to produce a block or a stiff block.
Mold temperature: the temperature of each part in the cavity is not uniform
The mold temperature is high, but the sputum is slow, and it is easy to produce a sticking mold. When the mold is off, the plastic parts are easily deformed.
The mold temperature is low, the fluidity of the melt is lowered, and the under molding and the melt-slipping are easy to occur. When the melt is smashed, the inner and outer layers are inconsistent, and internal stress is easily generated.

Mold force: must be enough, otherwise overflow, overflow
Injection pressure:
When it is too high, the plastic will catch up with the condensation under high pressure, which is easy to generate internal stress, which is beneficial to improve the fluidity of the plastic. It is easy to produce the material, overflowing the edge, the residual pressure on the mold is large, the material is easy to stick, and the mold is difficult to release. , plastic parts, but no bubbles
When it is too low, the fluidity of the plastic is lowered, the molding is insufficient, and a weld line is generated, which is disadvantageous for the gas to be smear from the melt, which is likely to generate bubbles, and there is a dent after the crepe.

Pressure holding size
Too high, easy to produce flash, overflow, increase internal stress.
Big and low, insufficient molding, etc.

Back pressure
If it is too high, the plasticizing time becomes longer, and the molten material is easily decomposed and discolored, and bubbles, streaks, and black spots are generated.
Too low, the pressure of the gas in the front end of the material is too high, and the melt is locally high, causing black spots and bubbles.
Speed ​​(or time)
Closed mold drilling time
Too long, the mold temperature is too low, and the residence time of the melt in the material is too long.
Too short, the mold temperature is relatively high
compress time
Short: The plastic parts are not tight, easy to produce dents, and the plastic parts are unstable in size.
Length: increase the internal stress of the plastic part, cause deformation, cracking, and difficulty in demoulding
Cooling time
Short: easy to produce deformation, but not enough.
Long: difficult to demould, easy to deform, high crystallinity

Screw speed
Fast: The heat of cutting is increased, and it is short when plasticized.
Slow: The shear heat is reduced and the plasticizing time is increased.
Opening speed: too fast, the molding cycle is short, and the friction between the surface and the mold of the plastic part is easily increased, causing scratches.
Ejection speed: If the size is too large, the plastic parts are prone to deformation.



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Automotive plastic mold injection molding plastic injection mold auto parts

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