Plastic Mold Injection Molding Parts Automotive Plastic Injection Mold

Plastic Mold Injection Molding Parts Automotive Plastic Injection Mold

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Plastic Mold Injection Molding Parts Automotive Plastic Injection Mold


Plastic Mold

High-grade decorative pattern injection mold
By adding texture on the surface of the product, the technology plays a role in decorating the product, making the product more beautiful and elegant, overcoming the shortcomings of printing and painting, and having the characteristics of anti-slip, anti-rotation and good hand feeling, pockmark and matt. Textures such as face and brushed lines have the effect of preventing light reflection and eliminating eye fatigue. The technology mainly includes a corrosion embossing process for expressing a flat decorative effect and a texture engraving process for expressing a three-dimensional decorative effect.

The corrosive embossing process utilizes the action of chemical syrup to corrode textures on the cavity or core surface of the formed mold, such as drawing, sand, stripes, wood grain, leather grain, satin pattern, etc. . Key technologies include texture design, plate making, and mold steel. The texture can be optimized by texture CAD software, and different depths of density can be used to reflect different visual effects. Textures and product colors are combined to create a variety of texture templates for product designers to choose. The performance of the mold steel has a great influence on the visual expression of the texture, and the steel needs to have good polishing and wear resistance.

The texture engraving process uses a digital tool such as a 3D scanner and a 3D model making software "Freeform" to create texture data, and then adds it to the CADCAM data of the product to make a mold.

Since the texture is directly engraved on the mold, the shaped article forms a rich 3D texture. This method of embossing can be freely designed according to the needs of customers, with simple process, environmentally friendly process and broad development prospects.

The embossing technology has been applied to injection molds for a long time, but it is mainly used on the appearance surface of low-end products, which does not reflect the high quality of appearance. The reason is the limitations of pattern design and manufacturing, mold materials and so on. As the technology continues to innovate, it will be widely used in high-end products.

Efficient production of injection molds
Mold injection molding production efficiency is low, which seriously affects the output of plastic products, and also increases the cost per piece, which in turn leads to high cost of the entire product. Enterprises lack innovative technologies and cannot meet the sudden enlargement of market demand. Only by expanding the scale to occupy the market, this poses a great risk to the enterprise. The development of the industry has forced the company to compete between occupying the market and expanding the scale. According to statistics, 90% of the parts in the automotive interior are injection molded, and 70% of the parts in the home appliance are injection molded. Therefore, the efficiency of mold injection production will directly affect the delivery time of the product. Efficient production of injection mold technology, including laminated injection molds, automated feeding injection molds, etc., using new mold structures, mold automation devices and other technological innovations, significantly improve injection molding production efficiency can effectively solve the bottleneck problems in the above injection molding manufacturing industry.



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Plastic Mold Injection Molding Parts Automotive Plastic Injection Mold

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