Plastic Injection Mold plastic mold injection molding plastic parts electronic product

Plastic Injection Mold plastic mold injection molding plastic parts electronic product

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Plastic Injection Mold plastic mold injection molding plastic parts electronic product


Laminated injection mold
The laminated injection mold is a new type of mold that is different from the ordinary injection mold. In a pair of molds, a plurality of cavities are overlapped in the mold clamping direction. The mold usually has a plurality of parting surfaces, and each type is divided. One or more cavities can be placed on the face. Simply put, a laminated mold is equivalent to stacking multiple single-layer molds together and mounting them on an injection molding machine for injection molding.
The laminated injection mold structure is composed of a laminated mold hot runner system, a special mold base system, a load guiding system, a two-way ejection system, a split mold linkage system and the like.

Laminated mold technology has the following characteristics:
The production efficiency of the laminated mold is more than double or more than that of the ordinary single-layer mold, which greatly reduces the production cost of the injection molding. From the structural characteristics of the laminating mold, the laminating mold combines multiple cavities into a pair of molds, which can be produced by ordinary injection molding equipment. The mold filling, holding pressure and cooling time of the mold are the same as those of the single layer mold. Therefore, the production efficiency will be more than double or even multiple times that of the ordinary single-layer mold, greatly increasing the output per unit time of the product.
Installed on the same injection molding machine as the single-layer mold, there is no need to invest in additional machines and equipment, saving the cost of installing machines, equipment, and expanding the plant and adding labor.
The manufacturing requirements of the laminated mold are basically the same as those of the ordinary mold. According to statistics, the manufacturing cycle of a two-layer double-layer mold is shortened by 5%~10% compared with the manufacturing cycle of two sets of single-layer molds.

Laminated molds are suitable for mass-produced products. The larger the batch size, the lower the production cost of the product.
Laminated mold technology can be widely used in the manufacture of plastic parts such as home appliances, automobiles, etc., such as washing machine outer lids and covers, air conditioning panels, car door panels, map pockets, etc.
The development of laminated injection mold technology can effectively solve the bottleneck problem of China's injection molding manufacturing industry and promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry. Therefore, it has been included in the "Digital Technical Equipment Independent Innovation Guidance Record" jointly issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Automatic feeding injection mold
The automatic feeding injection mold refers to the automatic production solution based on the mold, which mainly includes automatic feeding, feeding, and sending diaphragm. The servo motor drives the conveying roller to realize the automatic transmission of the diaphragm, net, cloth and other materials. Control the feed rate of the transfer, the automatic clamping and positioning of the material, and the mold can realize batch production and continuous production. The single-piece installation and single-piece production require manual operation, and the efficiency is greatly improved. At the same time, the use of robotic pick-ups ensures a consistent reduction in the production cycle.
The air conditioning filter net automatically feeds the injection mold. The filter is placed in the mold cavity as an insert, and after molding, the plastic melt is injected, and the product including the support frame and the filter is formed by cooling. The difficulty of the mold is to ensure the flatness of the mesh and improve the efficiency of the mold production. The mold process plan includes the meshing mode gap, the gate layout, the mesh pre-tightening, and the post-processing of the product. The products are auto-produced, equipped with automatic net feeding, automatic cutting, robots, stress-relieving equipment and other devices to improve the quality and production efficiency of the products. The mold realizes the functions of automatic material conveying, automatic cutting, robot picking, post-stress treatment, etc., and the production efficiency is increased by more than 50% compared with the ordinary mold.
The automatic feeding injection mold technology can be widely applied to various integrated injection molds such as air conditioner filter net mold, leather/cloth integrated injection mold for automobile AB column surface, and in-mold transfer mold for product panel. The automation technology innovation of molds will become a new growth point of the mold industry.



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Plastic Injection Mold plastic mold injection molding plastic parts electronic product


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