Injection Molding Plastic Mold automotive part mold plastic part

Injection Molding Plastic Mold automotive part mold plastic part

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Injection Molding Plastic Mold automotive part mold plastic part


Injection Molding

Green manufacturing injection mold
In order to implement the development route of “green manufacturing” actively promoted by the state and achieve a benign development of injection molding production in the direction of low carbon, energy saving and emission reduction, we should vigorously develop green manufacturing mold technology. Among them, high-gloss-free spraying molds and integrated injection molds are important development directions for green manufacturing molds.

High gloss spray-free mold
The high-gloss-free spray mold technology is to improve the surface temperature of the mold and eliminate the appearance quality defects caused by the weld line, corrugation, etc., so that the surface of the product can have a mirror effect without painting, and achieve the purpose of green and environmental protection.

The high-gloss spray-free mold needs to be heated to 90-120° before the injection molding, so that the injected melt maintains a balanced temperature, strong fluidity, and small pressure drop during the filling process, thereby eliminating the fusion. Defects such as marks and gas marks make the surface of the product achieve high brightness. After the cavity filling is completed, the heating system and the cooling system are switched. Under the action of the mold cooling system, the rapid cooling and solidification temperature of the product is lowered below the ejection temperature. The methods for increasing the surface temperature of the mold cavity mainly include: high temperature oil heating, steam heating, electric heating tube heating, high frequency electromagnetic induction heating and the like. 

High-temperature oil heating method uses high-temperature hot oil as the medium to make a balanced oil path on the mold. When the mold cavity is filled, hot oil is injected to make the mold cavity position reach the set temperature, and the forming material is quickly filled. The cavity, after the injection molding machine is pressure-maintained, converts the hot oil into cold oil, thereby rapidly reducing the temperature, and the mold temperature is quickly lowered to a set value, and then the mold is opened to complete the entire injection molding process. The utility model has the advantages that the temperature control range is large, the temperature control of 0-350° can be realized, the heat load is large, the heat stability is good, but the heat transfer oil needs to be replaced and fireproof, and there is a problem that the cooling rate is slow and the equipment is invested.

The steam heating method uses high-temperature hot steam as the medium, and the inside of the mold is designed with a balanced pipeline, which is steamed when heated, and switched to low-temperature water during cooling to achieve heating or cooling of the mold surface. Before the steam is heated, it is generally necessary to blow the pipe dry with compressed air. The high temperature and high pressure steam heating system allows the maximum surface temperature of the mold to reach 160 °C. The steam heating method is mainly used for high-gloss spray-free molds for large-scale products. However, since steam cannot be recycled during the production process, boiler equipment and piping are required to be installed, resulting in high operating costs.
The electric heating method is to use a mold to locally install a high-efficiency electric heating device to make the mold cavity position reach a relatively high temperature, to ensure that the forming material rapidly fills the cavity at a high temperature, and to rapidly reduce the mold temperature while the forming material is cooled, to obtain a product. Very high surface quality effect. The electric heating tube has a faster heating speed and the temperature range can reach 350 °C. With this heating system, the mold temperature can be heated to 300 ° C in 15 seconds; then, after 15 seconds, the mold temperature can be cooled to 20 ° C. The electric heating method is mainly used for Production of small and medium-sized precision products. Due to the repeated rapid heating of the heating wire, the performance of the accessory is very high. The service life of the die is a bottleneck problem.



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Injection Molding Plastic Mold automotive part mold plastic part

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