Printer Plastic Mold Injection molding part office equipment part mold

Printer Plastic Mold Injection molding part office equipment part mold

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Printer Plastic Mold Injection molding part office equipment part mold


Printer Plastic Mold

The high-frequency electromagnetic induction heating method is a new heating method in the field, and the temperature of the workpiece is raised according to the principle of electromagnetic induction. Due to the skin effect, the eddy current generated on the surface of the workpiece is the strongest and weak inside, until the core is close to zero. Therefore, this method can only heat the surface of the workpiece to the skin depth, so the heating volume is small, the heating rate is fast, and the heating speed is above 20 ° C / sec. After the surface heating is completed, with the rapid low-temperature cooling equipment, the surface of the mold can be quickly heated and cooled, and the variable mold temperature control can be realized. This technology has been implemented on small and medium-sized molds for flat products, but due to the shape of the heater, the products with deep curvature and large curvature are still in the research stage.

At present, the high-gloss-free spray mold technology should focus on research to improve production efficiency, simplify mold structure, reduce mold cost, and improve surface hardness by low-cost rapid heating method. Expand the scope of application of this technology.
Integrated model

The molds in which the surface decorative layers such as the film, the leather, the cloth, and the like are integrally molded with the plastic structure body are collectively referred to as an integral injection mold. The technology can reduce the production process, avoid the high-pollution surface treatment process such as rabbit bonding and spraying, and realize the green manufacturing of the mold. Mold integrated injection molding technology mainly includes in-mold transfer mold injection molding, leather / material injection molding and other mold types.

The in-mold transfer mold (referred to as MD) is an injection molding method in which a film made by gravure printing is adsorbed between a fixed mold and a movable mold, and an ink layer on the surface of the film is transferred onto the injection molded part while being injected. The mold adopts a flip-chip structure and is equipped with a feeding device, a centrifugal pump suction device and the like. When the mold is produced, the material is automatically fed by the reel-shaped feeder, and the film is sucked by the mold clamping device through the venting groove to adsorb the film in the cavity, and the ink layer is transferred to the plastic part after the mold is clamped.
In-mold injection mold (referred to as ML) is a polymer sheet with various patterns formed by ink screen printing (-like PE is placed in a plastic mold, and the film and plastic products are injection molded to bond the outermost film. The layer is a sub-transparent PET substrate, the ink is screen printed on the middle layer, and the bottom layer is an adhesive. After injection molding, the appearance of the product is bright and beautiful, and has excellent scratch resistance and chemical resistance. Such a mold includes hot stamping of a die. Molded side mold, multi-step mold for injection molding

ML products
The key part of the in-mold injection mold technology is the pre-forming of the diaphragm. For the deep cavity complex products, the film forming technology is still immature, and the product surface quality qualification rate is low. The material forming and film forming technology of the film should be mainly studied to improve the qualified rate of the product.



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Printer Plastic Mold Injection molding part office equipment part mold

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