Plastic part mold injection molding part plastic mold manufacturer

Plastic part mold injection molding part plastic mold manufacturer

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Plastic part mold injection molding part plastic mold manufacturer


Plastic part mold

The leather/cloth integrated injection mold is embedded with non-woven fabric, PVC, leather and other interior materials in the mold cavity. Then, the plastic melt is injected into the insert, and the melt is in contact with the interior material during fusion and is fused. Together, a plastic article with a surface covering decorative material is produced. The leather/fabric integrated injection mold structure is divided into a multi-point sequence valve hot runner system, a flip-chip formwork system, a fabric hanging needle mechanism, a fabric briquetting mechanism, an electric control cabinet sequential control system, a mold cooling system, and the like. The mold movement process is: after the mold is opened, the fabric hanging needle is ejected and the four corners of the decorative material are hung; when the mold clamping reaches a certain gap, the fabric briquetting piece is ejected; at the same time, the fabric hanging needle is retracted, and the fabric briquetting is evenly maintained with a constant pressure. Pressing the edge of the decorative material to fix it in the cavity; after the mold is completely closed, the fabric briquettes are all retracted, and the molten plastic is injected into the human cavity, and after cooling and forming, it is firmly adhered to the decorative material to achieve One-piece injection molding.

The leather/cloth integrated injection mold has the following significant advantages:
The injection molding process requires only one molding, resulting in high processing efficiency and savings of up to 15%-30%
It is an environmentally friendly process. No adhesive is added during the in-mold bonding process. Volatile harmful gases are not released during use.
Surface decoration

The layer has a strong adhesion between the molded part and the molded part, and does not fall off or crack during use, and the hand feels comfortable. The technology is widely used in the manufacture of exterior products in the fields of home appliances, electronics, automotive interiors, etc., such as washing machine control panels, air conditioning panels, mobile phone casings, automobile AB columns, consoles, and the like. At present, the integrated injection mold technology needs to focus on the research and development of injection molding production automation, improve the surface quality of surface decoration materials, and solve the bottleneck problem of technology promotion and application.
Product lightweight injection mold technology

Lightweight injection mold technology refers to the product produced by the mold to reduce the weight of the product and reduce energy consumption while maintaining the original external shape and original mechanical properties. In the field of injection mold technology, the main development directions are: micro-foam injection molding, compression molding after mold injection molding.

Microfoam injection molding
The process relies primarily on the expansion of the pores to fill the article and complete the formation of the article at a lower and uniform pressure. Since there is almost no residual stress inside the product, the warpage and deformation of the product can be well controlled, the product size qualification rate is ensured, and the assembly quality of the product is improved, and the micro-foam injection molding can reduce the weight of the product by more than 10%. Reduce the cost of raw materials for products.



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Plastic part mold injection molding part plastic mold manufacturer

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